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Get your unit to have a Curry for the ABF in 2007

ARRSE Subscribers!

World's Biggest Curry Lunch! The Army Benevolent Fund and Bhaji the elephant need you!

World's Biggest Curry Lunch is a spicy and new fundraising initiative from the ABF and it's dead simple.

1. Order your free fundraising pack full of recipes and BEER VOUCHERS
2. Plan your Curry event and get all your mates round.
3. Take some cash off them all as a donation in return for the amazing curry you've cooked them.
4. Send the money to the ABF and help us to help the troops who need us the most!
5. Errmmm?
6. That's it!

Our target week for curry events is week of April 16th with BIG CURRY DAY on the 19th, but it doesn't matter when you have your curry as long as we get the cash by the end of November.

Troops and Civvies alike all over the UK and overseas are already joining in and WE NEED YOU TO JOIN IN TOO!
Let's make this the BIGGEST CURRY LUNCH in the world!

Visit www.armybenfund.org for details or e-mail bigcurry@armybenfund.org to request a free fundraising pack.

Get on board!

Bhaji! :elephant:

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