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"If you can read this... you're overqualified for the RMP"
Army Angling Federation - Living the bream


No body likes a dirty snatch

Close Recce go in deeper and stay in longer

Recce your bush is our home

White phos sticks to kids
Can I just say, I have just received my free shirt and, if you are thinking of getting one then do because the quality is outstanding.

Thanks BombG

F%&K you Terry!
And the camel you rode in on.


Bomb G - G1099
MPGS do it behind the fence.
Be Safe, The Alternative Hurts.
British Army - Holidays in Helmand since 2001

Gimpy - When you've got to kill terry no other machine gun will do.

If it moves - shoot it.
If you can't pick it up -run away
And if you can - sell it on ebay.

Release the Walt Kommando
one concept ?
my ARRSE !!!!!!!!!!
Civil Service: The Fourth Force

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