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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Jim_Research, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. A low rage rant.
    I’ve known for many changes of the moon and tide that banks of medal ribbons on Yankee chests, resembling more a colour shade paint chart from B&Q than a record of campaigns served; were and are awarded under very different rules than our own gong factory. So it was interesting to see an index to the ribbons on General Petraeus’ jacket in today’s (11 Sept 07) Times. He is probably a very good planner of ops, determiner of policy and all the other things one assumes osiffers do and I suppose if I was a merry can I would understand what for instance a Defence Superior Service Medal was awarded for. I remember some years back in’t t’cold war at a joint UK/US conference that our yankee doodle cousins could not understand why an Int Corps major (my boss) had not a trace of colour on his jacket (apart from some fag ash). They could also not understand why he (well everyone I suppose) did not get a gong for serving in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Cyprus, long NAAFI queues and all the other places we then had bases and played or avoided sports on Wednesday afternoons.
    Low rage rant ends
  2. Not so much a rant, Jim, just a statement of fact. I agree with you, and subscribe to the view that giving out ribbon for next to nothing just devalues the few that actually mean something.

    Campaigns and bravery are the only ones worth having. I even have mixed feelings about the Golden Jubulie and the LS and GC. Just more to pay the tailor and brasso (once a year, normally the evening of the 10th of November)
  3. I'm led to believe that there exists a ribbon for 'gallantry', which results in the saving of a comrade's life, under fire.

    On TESEX.
  4. Yo, ChickVon Flick,
    I mainly agree with your agreement but LS & GC (sounds better than it actually deserves) is earned through 18 or now 15 years undetected crime, whereas the Jubillee dazzler was little more than a unit raffle badge - yes you're right I didn't come up in the draw.
  5. That sounds like a really good reason, probably the best, to have something to polish on 10 November.
  6. This is his 3rd tour in Iraq (2* in charge of 101st airborne in 2003) he's been to Bosnia, lots of awards but not much early Op experience. He does know what Blue on Blue is though.

    'As battalion commander of the Iron Rakkasans, he suffered one of the more dramatic incidents in his career when, in 1991, he was accidentally shot in the chest during a live-fire exercise when a soldier tripped and his rifle discharged'.
  7. I also 'lost' that particular unit raffle, but was truly shocked to see HRH prince Harry wearing one on HIS pass out parade from sandhurst! He has only been in a year, or is it because 'grandmama said i could'???

    WTF is that all about??

  8. I take it the bling in question here is the is the silver, rather than the more recent, all comers golden variety?
  9. My understanding is that the septics receive ribbons as well as medals. They receive medals for serving in operational theatres - having said that they normally have four medals where we have one - so they have an Afghanistan medal, an Iraq medal, a war on terror at home medal and a war on terror away game medal.

    The ribbons can be awarded for such things as passing out of basic training, passing an NCO's course, serving overseas, training overseas, serving in a very cold place, good conduct (>3 years), being nice to people, knowing someone who has been overseas, being able to point to Europe on a map, being able to tie your own shoe laces etc. etc.

    More details here.
  10. Whee is the Racing Spoon Medal, Tying Boot laces Medal or Growing a Spine medal or the wooden spoon medal?
  11. There are some really good ones on that link.

    This is a good one
    A medal for standing on the sidelines watching someone else have a war?

    This one is a bit over generous?

    The GWOTEM!

    So I wonder how many I would have had after 24years?
  12. Yo, fas_et_gloria,
    Yes, my mentions refer to the silver Jubilee dazzler. What woz the criteria for Gold btw?
  13. Any particular reason why this is cluttering up the Int Corps forum?
  14. Cluttering up!

    Well, my Russian friend, as I was not in Squad 188, have never been to the Abbotts bar, and have lost my old style stable belt, perhaps you would not mind if we discuss a topic that has been raised in the hope of generating conversation.

    Honestly, friggin darksiders, if its not in morse tappety tap, your not interested.
  15. Well excuse me!