get your jackboots on time to round up domestic extremists

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by brighton hippy, Dec 23, 2008.

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    now giving the animal rights types a kicking no right thinking person can object to unless it blocks for examples ugly s chance to shoot them :twisted: .

    but labeling everybody who stands in front of a bulldozer or a front gate as a dangerous extremist is taking the piss.

    planning on building bombs dangerous extremist lock them up
    protester range for irritant to good on you.
    only south american military types would consider this group dangerous extremists and are police :roll:
    I don't like anti war protesters but we should be free to protest the mad bloke out side the houses of common he may be mad dirty and unsightly.
    But 50 masked coppers to try to take him away at night I don't really think so.
    Don't really belive this is just a nulabour thing unfortunatly dave may protest against this sort of thing but labour did against the prevention of terrorism act kind of nice thing to have when your in power and police never turn down extra powers :x
  2. Police have used the Protection from Harassment Act against complainants against themselves and in attempts to suppress evidence.

    A problem is that when a copper arrives to give a first warning the recipient can, till he is blue in the face, say to the copper put up in Court or f-ck off. But the copper goes away writes up his report (with grid references etc etc) raises a report with the Intelligence led policing data obbengruppenfuhrer who assigns a level of interest. And it all goes on Force computer records. Without any right of trial.

    What happened with me was that PSNI Special Branch requested information from my local branch of the Legion. I wrote the required information which named a number of Kent Plod. The local superintendent of Kent Plod did not want this information sent to PSNI. So out was sent a couple of ploddies to try to use the Protection from Harassment Act to shut me up and stop PSNI acquiring the information they had requested.

    Next stage to this BS visit is a written warning and after that an arrest (finally yielding a right of trial)

    So way to go .... send the information in three instalments to make a first second and third challenge to Kent Plod to bring them out to try to make an arrest. Send copies to the Chief Constable and inform him that no offence has been committed (apart from Misprision of Treason by the Supt and officers of Kent Plod) and inform him that an arrest of myself would be unlawful so will be resisted but please send round the best Thanet Plod have to offer as I would rather enjoy punching the crap out of them.

    RESULT ? Heard nothing further from Kent Ploddie tossers and the PSNI were sent the information they had requested.

    Bring back Magna Carta.
  3. It's really, really good to see the Forces of Conservatism (e.g. posters on a site peopled by naturally conservative types of the sort found in and around the Armed Forces) getting upset about the authoritarian tendencies of our current establishment - it's almost like what I imagine reading a thread from say, urban75 would be like while under a Conservative Government which has threatened to use the Police to er, police inner-city squats or anti-war lesbian-camps.

    But then, the real liberals have always been found with a rifle in their hands (ok, metaphorically). The farther Left you wander, the more your protests are actually against liberality. I wonder who's on the side of our policy-makers arguing for a drive to penalise as many motorists as humanly possible?

    Every day, in every national newspaper, there's a new story about another measure dreamed up by this Government to chain the people of this country into a more controlled - and more corrupt and cynical - version of what was once an admirable system of government. And that's just in the Guardian. Don't for one second think that Monbiot favours the opinions of the individual above those of the state he dreams of.
  4. WB,

    I think I understood your post...

    I picked up "1984" this evening, read a couple of pages which covered Winston's visit to the old curio shop in the prole sector, and his subsequent encounter with Julia in the street, decided it was far too heavy for Christmas reading, and put it back on the shelf. Your post elicited the same feeling.... :D

  5. The truth shall set you free, but it comes at a price; you have to put down the glass of 18 year-old malt, turn off 'Eastenders', kick the dog from in front of the fire and think. Hard at this time of year, which is why those sinister bastards in the New Labour Party agitprop department use it to slip in as many atrocious attacks on our freedom as they can get away with without being lined up and perforated. Monbiot and his fellow academic cabbage-patch corduroy dolls whine, but they are the very people who applaud the relentless law-making designed solely to bring the individual under greater and heavier control. They are mere tools. So to speak.

    We must be on our guard!
  6. Trouble is this stuff tends to hang about Government hung onto id cards until 1954 and only gave up on them when pushed and only cause it would cost to much cash :x
    most of the urban crowd75 have nulabour sussed and hate them as a matter of course.

    some of this stuff is reasonable violent animal rights types do need to be stamped on. unfortunatly once the police have a power they will use it.
    yes people should pick up there dogs shit .
    No we shouldn't use wiretaps and covert surveillances to catch them :roll:
    maybe a psco
  7. I read this in The Guardian and then to really frighten myself looked up the nectu website - and bloody hell, it really is a worry.

    To illustrate the some of the extremist behaviour they need to crack down on and eradicate they have a picture of the perfectly peaceful pro-hunting demo.

    As for the above post being surprised about liberal minded soldiers, you shouldn't be.

    Along with countless others on this site I was prepared to march (or is that stagger bearing in mind I'm refering to BAOR?) straight towards armageddon and the Third Shock Army to defend a liberal democracy against communism.

    What appalls me is the way those freedoms we were defending are dying the death of a thousand cuts and the power crazed fcuckers that are doing it seem unstoppable.

    I've always seen myself as a radical moderate - ie 'be tolerant or I'm going to shove this bayonet through your chest' and you have to ask yourself when do you say 'enough is enough' and, once you have said it, what are/can you actually do about it?

    Personally I think the Rebel Clown Army are brilliant, they manage to make their point by deploying that classic British weapon - taking the p1ss, and the best of luck to them.
  8. "Rebel Clown Army are brilliant"

    I recall being at the Drax climate camp sat in reserve and listening to the radio and monitoring an incursion on to the site.

    Well, the plod at the scene started doing name checks and I heard one bobby saying "Yes, he's giving the name "Hauser", H A U S E R, I'll get the rest in a second"

    I knew what was coming next and asked if the first name was "Kaspar", sure enough, it was! Cue a funny look from my boss as she demanded to know if I was familiar with this Hauser bloke and why hadn't I mentioned him on briefing?


  9. Unfortunately the only dog I'm inclined to kick is Dales and it is a: dead and b: 200 miles from my current locstat, I find 'Eastenders' almost as dull as trying to decipher a hundred pages of chavspeak/BATCO and I would prefer an 18 year old Scottish gwah than an 18 year old Scottish malt. And if I had one of those to play with I wouldn't put her down til New Year.

    I have however just watched V for Vendetta again and found the whole thing uncomfortably similar to life under the Labour Reich.
    "People should not be afraid of their Governments, Governments should be afraid of their people"
    "Strength through Unity, Untiy through Faith"
    "England prevails"

    RIP Pip
  10. This stuff is self perpetuating no goverment ever decides to Un ban things limit its power :(
  11. V for Vendetta - brilliant film.........I think about it every time I hear some Neue Arbeit mong getting pompous about
    'What it means to be British...............proof of loyalty'....blah.....blah.


    Current theme on the revamped BBC 'Survivors' too.......Government as protector or oppressor ?

    Funny old thing....what title did England's last military dictator take for himself? Lord Protector.........

    Just got a cheery message at my place of employ majoring on what this government considers important......all it did was increase my blood pressure and polish the CV in anticipation ( get this, Oh how you will laugh) of finding alternative employment....

  12. I'm afraid you're right. Once a power is conceded, little by little it gets extended. Just look at who has been doing the spying under RIPA. Councils on fly-tippers or trying to see if people had been lying about living in a school catchment area. That wasn't what the law was passed for.
  13. I wish I could be run over and wake up in 1973.
  14. Trust me, mate. It wasn't that much better in 1973!

    There was, perhaps, the absolute certainty that we would all soon die as the Third Shock Army rolled over us on its way to the Channel, but we had our cherry brandy and yellow handbags ready and would die happy and inebriated.

    But the rest of the world wasn't that much fun. The pound had rattled down quickly from DM11 to DM8.40 and then fell further. I remember sitting in the WRVS in Hohne (where are you, Sue, Geordie, Geoff, Bob and Mick????) and discussing how it was the end of the world with power cuts in the UK and the stock market diving to its lowest ever level. And the decor... brown and hessian with lava lamps...

    And the cars. Ford Anglians and Cortinas, FFS.

    Portable radios weren't.

    The portable cassette recorder had only just been invented.

    The four function calculator had only just been invented.

    Tim Berners-Lee was still in school so the web was a collection of US DoD mainframes that communicated with paper tape.

    Shagging was fun though. AIDS hadn't been invented and nor had Womens' Rights. Not that I did much shagging in those days, you understand: just a damn sight more than I do these days. :(

    On second thoughts, mate, you are right. I, too, wish I could wake up in 1973! :D :D :D

  15. Quote:
    "Personally I think the Rebel Clown Army are brilliant, they manage to make their point by deploying that classic British weapon - taking the p1ss, and the best of luck to them."

    Long Live the Rebel Clown Army, we earned the right because we earned THEM the fecking right to behave like Cnuts. :evil: