Get your hand in your pocket - Shackleton Solo

I have no idea if this the best place to do this but an old acquaintance of mine, Henry Worsley (of Greenjacket and elsewhere infamy) is currently dragging a sledge across Antarctica for the umpteenth time.

On his own.

From coast to shining coast - it's never been done before and its a bloody long way.

He is a relative of the captain of Shackleton's 'Endurance' and is raising money in a good cause - see here for 100 years ago:

Stark images of Shackleton's struggle - BBC News

It will take him around 88 days and will be very painful. As he is clearly a loon of the highest order, please contribute towards his charity (The Endeavour Fund) at:

Shackleton Solo | The first ever solo crossing of the Antarctic
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Bloody mental case. I'll send him some pennies tomorrow.
Since I was a young man I have always admired Shackleton who in times long before radio , GPS , proper knowledge of diet etc. led several Antarctic expeditions . His failed attempt to reach the South Pole , when he came so close to success , and then later the first trans Antarctic crossing resulting in his odyssey via Elelphant Island and South Georgia to safely rescue all his men ... a true leader of men . I am more than happy to support this effort and cause ... donation made . I hope Henry has kind trailing winds for his expedition and lots of luck ... he will need them .
Donation sent, bloody lunatic! :applaud:
absolutely commendable! One small point...Shakleton's epic sea voyage and crossing of Sth Georgia did not availl his men down South, they were picked up much later in the spring, having wintered quite satisfactorily without him. Typical Rodney
Reminds me of my old friend Adrian Ashby-Smith...

Lovely man.. completely bonkers - used to walk from Paderborn to Pombsen every day for fun..

Never wore socks.. even on Sovereign's Parade! Got killed climbing an active volcano in South America...
Bump - as it's Christmas and spending it trekking across Antarctica is the definition of madness.

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