Get your Chinese fighting jacket here!!

Awesome description

British design at its worst but hey, it's cheap as dirt!

This is the infamous "Chairman Mao" thermal jacket.
Essentially it is a very simple liner jacket with a button closure, no collar, short sleeves and made of nylon with polyester batting inside.
Allegedly does not fit anyone properly and makes you sweat like a pig, but with prices like this, how can one argue?
Mine's got long sleeves- mid 80's.

Mines got no sleeves 88 so the usual upto date roll out of kit army wide lol. I've also just found my pt shorts with waist 80cm stamped on them, I ******* wish lol maybes need a 1 at the front of the sizing nowadays!
They put sleeves on the liners for the gopping '85 pattern jackets, but that being flogged looks like one of the liners for the old Arctic smock. Parka liners were also sleeved too. I still wear mine for dirty sex with OC Domestic... when she's asleep and won't notice.
You lot weren't really going to have to use these when Ivan got pissy where you? I mean Eur 19.50 doesn't give one a lot of confidence in the quality assurance of one's NBC suit now does it?

Brittiläinen NBC -suojapuku Mk4, vihreä, uudenveroinen - Varusteleka

Too right. If Ivan had started lobbing the B&C stuff around you'd have it on in milliseconds. You're hardly likely to refuse on the grounds that it wasn't suitably tailored. The Soviet stuff was the worst, allegedly.

It may be sold for 19 euros but probably cost the UK taxpayer in excess of £100 a pop.

They must read Arrse; it has an Allyness rating of "10%: Mong".

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