Get Your Beer and Popcorn

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pebbles015, Jun 16, 2012.

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  1. Look lads and ladies. It has been a long time since we've had a full blown beer and popcorn session...well.I effin and jeffin need one.

    Its been the strangest of days.

    First of all, I met a seemingly tidy bit of skirt last weekend, just one of them things. Quick afternoon pint turned into a full blown face eating session and numbers were exchanged.

    Second date was today, until that was her fella rang to see where she was......;oiuhbcib;kbci;bce;!!!!!!

    So on I went to find my next victim......was all going well again, she was a jock but give them their dues, jock birds tend to be able to suck your ballbag beyond deflatable via your fingertips...and all was going well up until her husband turned up at the pub.....!!!

    What the fuck is going on with me lately??

    Anyway...I dont effffing care.......*pokes you squarely in the chest* what the fcuk are you looking at?????

    air your grievances here!
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  2. Didn't happen though did it.
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  3. No, it didnt, thats exactly my point if you know what I mean!
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  4. I took a massive Tom Kite today.
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  5. No I don't.
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  6. Oh the other unoriginal throbber is back.
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  7. Just Thought it was fitting with this thread Poppet.
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  8. Look, I've just come back from tesco with a monster bag of doritos, nuts popcor and dips to boot, beer is in the fridge cooling off so your gonna have to do better than that!!
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  9. With your opening rate, you've still got 40 minutes before closing time; get away from the keyboard, get back in the pub, practice your closing skills.

    See you on the Kyle show being shouted at by fat munters and their tattoo'd chav partners.
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  10. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    pictures or it never happened.
  11. Mr Jarrod, if your in that kind of mood today, that is all well and good, just direct it appropriately.

    Good god after recent form, I may consider letting you have your way with me as long as you dont expect me to sob myself to sleep afterwards!
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  12. The way I'm feeling, forget the kyle show, I'll be on JUDY without the cameras!
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  13. you're or you are.
  14. And what the crud is your problem, whinge or fuck off!

    The punctuation police have time off too you know!
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  15. Pebbles,You may just be J's type although youre age may be a problem..Now if you were just 10 years younger.:)
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