Get You Home (Travel) Married in SFA

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by JonnyAlpha, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. :D OK can anyone put this one to bed:

    I relate to a letter in Soldier Magazine regarding entitlement to Get You Home (Travel) for a married accompanied soldier living in SFA who owns his own property elsewhere which is not rented. He questions whether or not he is entitled to GYH(T). The response stated that he was entitled to GYH(T) and prior to JPA should have been entitled to GYH(SA).

    I live in a MQ with my wife and own my own house some 200 miles away in the UK which I try to get back to as much as possible. It is not rented and I pay all the bills, my kids live in the house (My son 18 because he is at college in the area and my daughter 24 who is not married and works locally), yeh I know I`m a sucker.

    After reading the letter I approached my Admin Office who read the regulations differently, and are not willing to cough up, although they do agree that they are ambiguous and are seeking clarification.

    Aim. The aim of Get You Home (GYH) Travel is to support and improve retention by reducing the impact of separation on Service personnel and, where applicable, their immediate family. It achieves this by assisting Service personnel, who have the opportunity to return to their Qualifying Residence (QRes), with the costs of their travel where the duty unit and the QRes are within the same Theatre. It is paid as a daily rate.

    Theye decypher the "Reducing the impact of separation on Service personnel, and where applicable, thier immediate family" to mean that if Married Accompanied you are ineligible as you are not separated, however para 05.0204 Qualifying Residence says that "The QRes for the purpose of GYH Travel must be one of the following: a. The Familiy Home b. Privately Maintained Property. c. RWA (With some other criteria.

    This would point out that even if you are married if you have a privately maintained property you qualify, my Admin Office believes that the QRes should be suffixed with the appropriate Married CATs and are seeking a ruling.

    I would like to think that that the regulations now cater for married accompanied servicemen and women to be re-imbursed in order for them to return to non rented properties during stand down periods for the purpose of stability and maintenance - am I right??

    It seems that some people in my situation are getting the cash and others like me are not.............???
  2. good post, also I am now in the fatherland and my house is in the land of soda bread. When I was in the UK I was automatically paid the GYH thing every month, my admin whallers have the look of a slack jawed hill billy when I ask if I am entitled to anything now. Am I?
  3. As I have been out a few years my interpretations are just that, my own, however whilst serving there were a few times i was involved in interpreting regulations and putting cases forward where applicable.

    My interpretation of this one in your favour would be the definition of "immediate family". In your case you state that your son and daughter live there, I would class them as immediate family. Where this might fall down is their ages. pre JPA the Army had a ludicrous situation of not recognising children over 18 properly (I had a case of DHE refusing to allocate an appropriate number of bedrooms house to a soldier because 1 of his children was over 18 and therfore not a "dependant" and therefore not eligble to be counted!!). I have no way of checking, but it would be intresting to see if under JPA your children still count as "immediate family" as they are over 18.

    Filbert, you dont specify your mariltal status, what sort of accom you are living in at the moment etc, however MUSA (if it still exists) might be applicable as you are in different theatres.
  4. JSP 752 Still classifies Children as Children if they are over 18 and still in full time education (My Son is at College) they can also be on a gap year. My daughter is just a free loader, Well actually she is more like a live in carer for my 18 year old son, cooking cleaning et al.
  5. Filbert:

    05.0203. Theatre Boundaries. Theatre boundaries are defined in Chapter 1 Section 2. Approval has also been given to extend GYH Travel to those serving on mainland UK whose authorised QRes is in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland.

    From JSP 752.

  6. Johny the 752 states:

    01.0239. Privately Maintained Property. A privately maintained property is defined as a Service person’s wholly or partially owned property or a rented property for which they are a signatory on the tenancy agreement. It must be where the Service person would normally reside during weekends, stand-down periods, and periods of leave and for which they have full or partial responsibility for the Council Tax. A privately maintained property may not be let (but a lodger may be taken in) and it must not be the family home (see paragraph 01.0221) or the Residence at Work Address (see paragraph 01.0247).

    Further to that:

    01.0221. Family Home. A family home for a married Service person or civil partnership home for one who is in a civil partnership is defined as the residence (which may be SFA, or privately owned/part owned or rented) in which they would normally reside with their family, except when unable to do so for Service reasons. In cases where a family has more than one home, the family home/civil partnership home for allowance purposes should normally be the one where the spouse/civil partner and, where applicable, the children spend the majority of their time. Further amplification of other qualifying family home/civil partnership home addresses is provided as follows:

    Personally I am not sure. This is a complicated one due to your kids living in your home. I would suggest your unit need to staff it up to Bde SPS Branch to get the answer.

    Hope you get it and let us know the outcome.

  7. ITG it's known as LSA Level 1 and for info it's the same amount. :wink:

  8. pad living in quarter

    thanks guys
  9. Thanks, I feel so old :cry:
  10. :D UPDATE

    After doing some research I now have the definitive answer!!!

    With Effect From 20 Dec 07 Married Accompanied servicemen living in SFA ARE entitled to GYH(T) "Daily Rate based on milage".
    The criteria:
    Must be over 50 miles from place of duty, must NOT be let.

    If you are getting a Home to Duty allowance you can still get GYH(T) but not if you are mega rich and your RWA is also your own property E.G. You have two, you will either forfeit GYH(T) or Home To Duty you cannot get both unless its an SFA.

    If you are challenged, unless you are trying to pull a flanker, this amendment was articulated in a letter issued by DPS(A) 20 Dec 07 (May have been lost in the Christmas Post). The same letter also states that prior to the introduction of JPA Army and RN personnel married accompanied in SFA were entitled to GYH(SA) and the purpose of the ammendment was to extend the allowance to the RAF and re-instate it.

    However my Admin Office are challenging the earlier entitlement stating that GYH(SA) was only available to Single Soldiers?
    This won`t affect me as I only moved into SFA Oct 06 and GYH(SA) under RAACs was superceded by JSP`s in Apr 06 so from Apr 06 to Dec 07 there was no entitlement.

    Unless anyone want`s to contest this be content with the fact that you are now eligible!! HOORAH!!!

    I`m just a bit annoyed that it`s been down to me to dig into this and get the definitive answer - surely its should be the Admin Office experts to advise on entitlements not enthusiastic amateurs like me. :x
  11. To be fair, reading JSP's do make your eyes bleed and head drop off..
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  12. You are quite right, it should be. Any area that is grey and where an admin office cannot "prove" the definitive answer, they should be prepared to submit a case if they agree with the soldier, or at the very least obtain written clarification of the rules based on the Soldiers scenario.

    Sadly to many "cant be bothered, I am a regs God, leave me alone!" admin offices out there :(
  13. The letter from SP Pol had hit my in tray on return from XMas Leave, Bde's/ICT's should have released it to RAO's by now,
  14. Sorry to dig up an old thread but would a family member (Over 18) be allowed to stay in my PMP whilst i still claim GYH(A)? Ilive in a MQ with my Wife and claim single occupancy from my local council. From what I see it is OK for partners but not family members unless in full time education? Cheers in advance.