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Get You Home Travel Confusion

I've been reading through the forums but I can't seem to get clarification on this issue.

I have found the relevant documentation in JSP 752 Chapter 7 Section 4 but I am confused by subsection 8.

What I am trying to work out is, am I able to let out some of the rooms of the property but still claim for get you home travel?
My plan would be to buy a property and I would like to rent out some of the bedrooms but I would have a bedroom of my own at the house which I would return to when I had free weekends.
My name would be on the council tax and I would be responsible for the bills and the mortgage.

It is part b that specifically confuses me:
"b. The PMP must not be let and must be available for their occupation. Subtenancies held as part of the rent a Room scheme do not qualify under this definition, neither do rental agreements for a sub-division of a property unless the sub-division is a fully self contained property in its own right with its own utilities, council tax etc."
Taking each part, the PMP cannot be let I am taking to mean the full property cannot be rented to someone else.
The next two sections I assume to mean if I was renting a property from someone else, rather than if I owned the building.

Am I correct in this? I am able to claim full GYH(T) pay if I live in one of the rooms of the house, despite renting other rooms out?


I'm not a squaddie but the way it reads to me is that you can let rooms or part of the house out as long as what you let out is not self-contained with the occupier paying for their own leccy, gas and council tax.

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