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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by MrBane, Apr 15, 2009.

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  1. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Hey guys,

    GYHP, I'm looking at how it works as I've got a few plans in the pipeline, but I'm getting told different things.

    I had a house before I joined but sold, and am looking at buying again. GYHP would effectively be used to cover part of the mortgage, thus making things easier on the wallet.

    My initial thought was that I would get it if I owned a property. The answer's in the question, it would be to Get Me Home. :)

    However, I've been told that if I'm single, then I can only get it if the property is shown as being unoccupied on my Council Tax, as it would be to allow me to return and check on its condition.
    Yet I had planned to move my girl in to it, but that would invalidate my GYHP claim.

    On the other hand, I've been told I can get it, as it's to get me back to my privately owned home.

    I'm confused. :|

    The distance I'd be travelling would be 410miles.

    Any clarification would be really helpful, as my RAO mob aren't really helping. :(
  2. To qualify for GYH now you have to meet certain criteria. You need 4 types of evidence proving it is your PMP.

    1. Morgtgage or Tenancy agreement in your name.

    2. Council Tax bill in your name.

    3. Utility bill (not mobile phone), House insurance or direct debit evidence of payment for utilities within the last 4 months - in your name.

    4. Correspondance from solicitor regarding the purchase of the property, or Letting agent if it is rented by you.

    It does not say anywhere that you can't jointly own or rent the PMP. As long as you still pay your element of Council Tax and therefore are still maintaining your property then you meet all the criteria.

    It should be in the latest version of JSP 752 which is online on DII.
  3. On your question though i am in the same situation I have my own place and my girlfriend lives in it. I wasn't aware you had to show you get a discount on your council tax. But I did phone my council and explained that I lived in army accommodation during the week and paid council tax on it (CILOCT) and so gave me single occupancy discount on my property as you can't live in 2 places. since I spent more time at camp they classed that as my home address. All I had to do was get the council tax bill sent to my work address and whalla 25% discount was mine. I know of many people on my camp that claim and have partners living in the address they claim for. Just don't volunteer the info when starting your claim.
  4. You can claim Get You Home Mileage. However, it is not designed to offset the cost of your mortgage. You MUST return there on a regular basis, otherwise, you will get sniffed out.

    The documentation Elsie mentions above is just some of the documents you can provide, for a full listing of acceptable documents go to JSP 752 Chapter 5 Section 2.

    Nice job on the discount, however, you do not need to prove you are a 'single occupant' if you aren't married, you have been misinformed. Your GF/BF etc, is well within their rights to stay in that home and you can still claim. You just have to be able to provide the documents mentioned above and travel home.

    If you Sublet the property, that's a different matter altogether.
  5. Be aware though, that if you are claiming for Single Occupancy and your girlfriend lives in the house then you are committing fraud by doing this as by definition it is not Single Occupancy. 8O
  6. If this was ment for me, there is no chance of getting done for fraud. The council are aware that my girlfriend lives in my house but they don't consider me to live there since i spend more days away than i do at my home address. they are the ones that gave me the discount. The only time I have to pay full council tax is when I'm home for more than 15 days in one month, and i only pay on a month by month basis.

    In addition to jt's comment I believe the money is to pay for two trips per month to your home address. It is paid on a daily basis so can vary from month to month. Do not rely on it to pay mortgage as it can be affected if you ever go on a course or long leave etc.
  7. It's good to see you have an understanding council then - the majority won't budge on the main residence and single occupancy part
  8. If you are not paying council tax for your PMP then you shouldn't be claiming GYH. Does your name appear on the council tax bill issued at the start of the year?
  9. Yes all the bills for my PMP are in my name hence why I can claim the allowance.
  10. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    PMP? Privately Maintained Property?

    So other than that paperwork, everything else should be good to go by the sounds of it.

    That wouldn't be a problem as I would be returning to it once a month anyway, but I can travel very, very cheaply to the location, so it would make a minimal dent into the money anyway.
    Would anyone know the sum for a distance of 410miles? I don't have access to the publication mentioned until next week and would like to sort this out as soon as possible.

    Thanks for the really helpful advice, :D I think the army is missing a trick by not outsourcing to these Forums for JPA / Pay / Admin problems. ;)
  11. Ask Jacqui Smith she should be able to guide you on the best method of maximising your expenses.
  12. Don't forget to put a leave pass in for every weekend than your away. :wink:
    Its not much but soon mounts up.
  13. Why what does that do?
  14. Is that a WHAH?

    Since everyone pays the same amount for food now. Single and Married unaccompanied they have changed the rules on how long you have to be away before they stop charging for food.

    It used to be you had to be on leave for more than 48 hours for them to stop charging you food. So putting a leave pass in for a weekend got you nothing.

    Now its 24 hours. So put a leave pass in for every weekend and that could now net you £4/day. Assuming 8 weekend days in a month thats a not to shabby £32 in your pocket just for spending 5 minutes on JPA.
  15. Yes



    Me too, that's why I try and come on as often as I can.

    as for the leave pass, the reason is 2 fold:

    a. Proves you go home, incase someone gets a hard-on.
    b. prevents you being charged food, assuming you are not PAYD.