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just a question cos the clerks in my bty are useless...anyway here april 2011 myself and my long term partner moved into our new name is not on mortgage as i couldnt get one but obviously the missus did.i asked the clerk at the time if i could claim get you home pay.she said no as my name is not on the mortgage even though i pay council tax and other bills.i thought rite fair enough then.
just before xmas leave last year a friend of mine asked me if i was claiming for get you home pay and i said no due to what the clerk told me back in my point is could i get back pay from 2011?even though i have asked the clerks these questions and didnt really get a satisfactory answer.any how i have handed my council tax bills for 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 along with utility bill.i am getting my first lot of get you home pay as just seen my pay statement for end of jan 2013.any help ???
chico5581, they are mugging you off. It's called Residence to Place of Duty (RPOD) and is calculated from your home address as shown on JPA to your place of duty and is calculated on a monthly basis of a 5 day working week x 4. They don't pay for the first 9 miles each way on your journey, this is classed a your 'personal contribution', ( if you live within 9 miles they don't pay and they use AA Route Planner to calculate the distance). Look it up on JPA allowances, print off and present to your Chf Clk. Don't matter if you own, rent or live rent free in a property. I had a simmilar drama when I moved out the mess and bought a house in 2007. They paid out in the end and as far as I recall it can be retro claimed for up to 3 years. Good luck.
cheers pal.i live 200 miles away and go home every weekend if not on duty.i had my first lot of gyhp for end of jan if i was to get back pay i would get around 4k.of to see the clerks now anyway.cheers for a respond
chico5581, from your last post, if you live in during the week and only go home at wekends it would mean you are entitled to Get You Home allowance (GYH). Sorry to give you duff gen, but you never stated that in your first post. Again, the details are in JPA pay and allowances, (you will qualify).
Chico - You say you pay councilt tax, is your name on the Bill? If it is not then no entitlement. You do not have to be the mortgage holder but producing the CT bill and utilities proves you have an enduring financial responsibility for the property.

If it is and you have utilities in your name (or can prove a financial responsibility for them), there is no reason why you would not get GYH and backdated to the date of qualification (although your unit can only go back 9 months, the rest will go through JPAC). Go and make an app't with the Sys Sgt in the RAO and explain, the Bty HR may just need some extra trg.

alternatively, you went in with some scraps of paper, chopsing off that "my mate said" and you proficient unit HR chinned you off!!
needs to be on the mortgage / rental agreement, or if indeed the house is owned outright, the title deeds as per the JSP

anyone could ask a parent/friend to chuck their names onto their council tax/utility bills.

why not ask the mortgage coy if ur name can now be added?
Chico - its not called RPOD this was replaced by HDT (Home to Duty travel) when JPA first rolled out (2006) it's also the wrong
allowance for your circumstances - If you are travelling home at weekends only and the distance is as you say 200 miles and you have the requisit documentation (as mentioned in your OP) then you are entitled to GYH(T) at a rate of £7.02/day - this can be back dated but not by your unit ... your unit can only back date allowances up to a max of 9 months anything further than that has to go through your service (Army/RN/RAF) Focal Point, who have the ability to back date claims up to 6 years. If you have any difficulty with this from your unit please feel free to PM me. (but before 15 Feb !!!)
Hi (PayWalah599) I was told by a mate that I was eligible to claim for it, I took my council tax bill utility bills, tenancy agreement etc all docs were in y name as well. And my Coy Clark just told me off that I can't make a claim. Could you kindly explain into detail how I can get this sorted thank you!

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