get you home (m)

thanks, i too thought it was married, so i had a scan through jsp 752 but there was no mention of the (m), had loads of other abreviations though.
ripley said:

just a quickie question what does the (m) stand for in the gyh (m)???
I think its mileage, as I am getting it and am single.

Anymore takers?


Probably: Get You Home (Maybe), depending on if JPA retracts it randomly or not, or even pays you at all :roll:
GYH (M) is the old GYH (D) under the new JPA rules.
If you are posted in Germany and you go on a course in the UK you would get LSA, but if your course was in Germany, (that is the same theatre), then you get GYH(M).
Hope that helps ya!! :D
GYH(M) (mileage) replaced both GYH(D) and GYH for married unaccompanied pers. Paid irrespective of maristat and same rate. Also replaces the old GYH(SA) for single homeowners. :D
needforspeed said:
i think it is married as there might be different rates for single and married soldiers as always
And what's wrong with that, as long as the pads get more :twisted:

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