Get You Home Allowance To Check Your Property?

Apologies if this has been raised before etc.

Anyway, I'm in Germany and have a property in Scotland. For reasons too complicated to bore everyone with the house is fully furnished and not rented out to anyone.

I was recently told by someone that if I get posted to UK I would be eligible for some sort of GYH allowance paid monthly to visit and check my property whether I did so or not.

Is this true? If so I could be much better off, as at the moment I am hammered for both council tax and CILOCT.

Thanks in advance and before anyone asks/comments; no,I cant just ask at the RAO's. Again the reasons are too complicated and boring to put on here.
if you have your own place you get a daily rate to go back to check it over. My house is 106 miles from my camp, the allowance is rounded up to the nearest 10 meaning I'm paid out for 110 miles at a rate of £4 (something) a day.
Thats a tidy sum. And are you in SFA at your camp baby_g or in the mess/block? Or doesnt it make any difference? Cheers for replying.
I'm in the block mate.

There was a cock up with JPA when my allowance was started so I'm getting it all backdated in this months paycheque. I've got 2 day's in Feb, March, April, May, 19 Days June, 7 days Oct & Nov all coming to £800 (odd) - tax free too ;) Just in time for Christmas too sometimes JPA cock up's can be good lol
So is this just a flat rate that you get in your pay every month?

Or do you need to provide receipts for fuel then put in a claim on JPA for any journeys back to check on your property?
First you need to prove you live there, a council tax bill or mortage statement is acceptable. You fill in the necessary form hand it in at your unit admin office with your prooof and if accepted the money is paid into your bank account every month at the same time as your wages. There is no requirement for you to input a mileage claim on JPA.

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