Get What It Takes - Shooting Simulator



Level 2: 98.06

Level 5 gets a bit cheekier: 35.79

level 8: 79.86

Level 9 is cheeky! Scraped a pass with 22

Level 10: 68.90

Sacked it at level 12....


Damn you I will get nothing done today!
I gave up on lvl 14
Oh dear! That's work binned for the rest of the day!
Managed to get 13th on the leaderboard
lvl 1: 98.16

lvl 2: 82.49 - managed to ND twice, once into the 4 ring, once into his face. Stupid clicky mouse...

lvl 3: 92.38

lvl 4: 84.59 - 1 ND

lvl 5: 28.56 - I couldn't find the target for a few seconds!

lvl 6: 87.66

lvl 7: 82.65

lvl 8: 87.26

lvl 9: 23.51

At this point it occured to me that I probably should start packing for the weekend, considering I'm leaving in 40 mins!
Dammit! I need to buy a mouse! Touchpad just ain't quick enough to acquire the target on level 5.


Thats the problem with a simulator, it can only do what the programmer has written. It wont react the same way as I would with a rifle and a mouse doesnt reflect trigger control in anyway! That said a bloody good effort!
Did it, with 960+ but clicked the wrong link trying to save my score :-( Level 14, about eight attempts! Level 15, 3 attempts.

Wholly agree with Ugly about not being that lifelike, but of the 'on line' ones I've played, the best so far. Harder to go for a bull than the figure 11.
And in a nice link to the "young shooters" thread, I've been using this game to teach my 8 year-old the importance of good breathing control... Should save me £££ in wasted shots on the range next month!
I thought level 12 was a bastard untill i got to 14 where i binned it for my monitors sake.996.40.Great fun though.It also leaves me hankering for a real shoot. :)
Level 14 has got me stumped'. For a break, I keep trying for a possible on Level 1 but best so far is 98.88. Anyone know of a small bore simulator for PC?

Edit - got through to the final round - best so far is 25.6 / 60 - this is tough as the breathing is constant.

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