Just a quick line to wish Jacko (ex RSM 19) a speedy recovery from injuries sustained in the Big Sand Pit. Get well soon buddy.


War Hero
You do dissapoint Gnr.... Here was me thinking you meant 'Jacko' the Kiddy's Best Mate had finaly met with justice he couldnt buy his way out of.....

.... However .....

.........A much finer use of an arrse thread I must say, and I'll happily second your Best wishes to Jacko and hopes for a speedy recovery. Take care out there.
Get well soon. Don't think I know you, but was 19 from '82-94 with a couple of vacations :D


Gnr 40. Nice one my old fruitbat. Wondered when someone would mention Jacko. My thoughts go out to him and his family. I am being updated on his condition as and when I can, but if you know anymore please pm me.

Soldier on Jacko!!!


Will do Mastergnr. I'm replacing him so it's a short move for me, but i'll try to be good!!!!!!!!!!

Ha ha ha. Hope you're well matey. Speak soon.


hi all,
Just to update everyone on Jacko, I went to see him on Tue and he was told by his medical team that he could go home, but then they decided to keep him in for 1 more day, he is well on the way to making a full recovery he was back to his old self organising the move back up to Topcliffe. He should be home by Thu evening at the latest his wife and daughter came back with me.

having talked to him he doesnt want a fuzz made out of it or any special treatment from anybody in his words " I was only shot for gods sake there is people a lot worse than me"

Hope this helps update everyone


fantastic news......many thanks for the updates Robbie
Been surprises!! But thanks for the update on Jacko, it's good to know he's improving and with the sounds of it, getting back to his normal self. Get well soon mate.
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