Get together in Ayrshire

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by syledis, May 18, 2013.

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  1. Ok,
    Im having a wee get together next Saturday at my place and i already have a couple of Arrsers coming.

    Any and all welcome.
  2. Is that your Ayrshire bacon ?
  3. There will be pies!!!
  4. Please God, not mutton pies !!!!!
  5. Oh yes, the real deal !!
  6. do I need to get innoculations??
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  7. Only if the weather is good and i do a bbq !!

    There is another woman coming so it will be civilised!
  8. You're a generous and discerning hoist Syledis, but I've suddenly remembered some root canal work that needs doing - and that eyeball won't poke itself you know
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  9. an ARRSE get together civilised ????? pfft !
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  10. Hey, its the new me, friendly civilised and welcoming
  11. So you've turned English then?
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  12. I know the insults could be bad on here but i thought there were limits!!
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  13. Do you have anything worth pinching?
  15. Sod all, im in irvine, its all been nicked already!
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