Get those sidies up son!

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by disneyworld, Sep 9, 2003.

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  1. I wonder does the length of a soldiers side burns really matter?
    Is it true theres something in Queens regs about sidies and what is it?
    How many parades have you heard a sergant major go ape on some lad "does it hurt son,because im standing on your sideburns"
    Obivously sporting a craig david would be taking the p**s. But how can having abit of facial hair have anything to do with the effectiveness of a squaddie.
    I mean who really wants to have bedford wheel arch side burns.
  2. Don't know if it is in the regs but I always though it was yours if abouv the cheeks.

    Always remember a medic from training , last saw him in 92 at the RAMC depot. Tiny wee bloke but had a face like a monkey with his sideburns joining his tash and eyebrows like a walruses tash.
  3. They can shout kick give me extra duties but they will never take my:
  4. One bloke in the NZ army grew huge "Amos Brearly" sideburns and told the Raz Man it was a Maori tribal custom. He got away with it.
  5. :D

    theres nothing in queens regs about the length (as in down the way), purely that they have to be trimmed and the same length as the hair.

    cant see a problem with them myself, i do like the old burns. but, you will always get the bull from the RSM however there are a few who will let it go

  6. I was always under the impression that they could be as far down as the middle of the ear. But whilst on Telic 1, the badge got a right cob-on with one guy, and had chief clerk check Queen's Regs - she said they could go as far as the bottom of the ear! Needless to say the badge found some other way of getting at the guy!! She also said there was nothing in there about how short you can have your hair i.e what would constitute an illegal haircut.

    Then again, perhaps she made it all up - she was a bit of a lazy cow.
  7. on op telic i found that a close cropped number 1 or 0 was by far the most practical and comfortable hairstyle. i wear this style anyway all the time. the head shed then decided that this was unbefitting for an officer, and my sidies which extend to below the lobe were also deemed illegal !
    being a cantankerous swine i consulted QRs. the hair should be kept short and tidy. there is nothing about length of sidies, minimum length of hair etc. i stuck to my guns, and possibly by dint of my crown was left alone, and subsequently common sense was applied by the shed and rsm, also towards all the lads.
    my advice is know the rules and regs and stand by your guns against ridiculous little odious men with more power than intelligence or common sense.
  8. With the current trend of quoting the "Human Rights Act", I feel it is breaking my right to freedom of expression. I'm sure a Civvy lawyer could run rings round the Army legal system on that one. And just what constitutes "reasonable length"?

    After the passing of the Queen Mum (Gawd bless 'er) I told the CSM I had lowered my 'burns to half mast out of respect. Didn't really cut it.

    I suppose the line must be drawn somewhere, corner of mouth to bottom of lobe sounds good.
  9. There is nothing in the queens regs about sidies!!

    I reckon it's a jealousy thing!! you can grow a moustache so why not tidy sideburns!

  10. is there any reason apart from personal prejudice and ingrained tradition why you cant have them, or indeed a full beard id kept tidy???

    pioneer sergeants anyone ??????

    or long hair, as long as its tidy and tiedback, or a shaven dome?

    does it make you less of a soldier?

    doing things merely because they look smart(to some) is a bollox attitude. doing things for a purpose that have as a side effect a smart look is an entirely different matter.
  11. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Weak and unmilitary..... bah!!!!!
  12. A2_Matelot

    A2_Matelot LE Book Reviewer

    8O , I have a feeling QRs state that they have to be no lower than the bottom of yr ear!

    Bring on Lemmy
  13. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    This aint the navy A2. upper cheekbone next to the ear i believe.
  14. An old RSM of mine once had the entire regiment on parade with their fingers in their ears - if your diggers showed below your finger then bingo! the xmas duties list was sorted in one morning

    Mind you, i'd like to have a photo of that parade for a caption competition
  15. Get a life you whining homo.