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Get those mess kit accessories before Christmas

Flannelette nightcaps? Nightshirts? Sock Suspenders?

You too can dress like a 95 year old if you want! :D

(Mind you, that is the average age of your typical RAF SNCO....)
The best item on sale:

Dance Supports

Very useful undergarments for ensuring propriety under tight breeches.

A snip at only £6.50!
shiny_arrse said:
General Melchett said:
Don't ask how but I stumbled on this site the other day.


OK then, WHY?

Shiny :lol:
It was linked to me from a friend for the purposes of historical re-enactment accessories. So whilst browsing for period under garments I thought the link may be of use/amusement in the Seniors forum.

You could also try here for traditional gents woolen underwear.


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