Get the most out of resettlement??


Going to be medically discharged (some will allready know) on the 4th april, does anybody know how to get the most out of my resettlement?? any tips and tricks, advice much appreciated guys......cheers :thumright:


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Rumour mill says it will change very soon and the ability to off-set Food/accom against course cost will go. No doubt they will spin it as an increase in the grant but in reality the change will equal a cut the those who want to do something outside of Aldershot. So get it in soon - but - it is only rumour!


Speak with your unit's Resettlement officer. As you are due out fairly soon, you should already be in the midst of it all. The IERO (Individual Education and Resettlement Officer) should be engaging with you (they are contactable through your local AEC). If you've not been given at least this much advice yet (aside from the actual detail), bang your tabs in (if your condition allows!) and ask within your unit.


Done most of it, selected my course (gas engineer) do i get a tax free sum at all, having completed 10 years, or is that upto the armed forces compensation board?


The RTC does some excellent courses and if you've used up all your GRT then you can always pay the cost of the courses yourself which turns out to be far cheaper than doing it externally plus you have the cheap accom in one of the bases there.
As stated b4 you can attend as many as the one day interview techniques/business start up etc etc briefings as you want wherever you want so use them.
Good luck.

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