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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by danny842003, Aug 17, 2013.

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  1. Im sure this is very very fake and I'm sorry if it has been done before. I just want to whip members of arrse in to a rabid frenzy with pitch forks and torches.

    Pub Owners ban British Soldiers | Daily Bale

    Again fairly sure its fake. The story does not even make sense really.
  2. It's parp.

    Couple turn pub around after ex-landlord’s jailing (From Knutsford Guardian)

    I bet the owners are thrilled with the first story......

    Considering they're not even the owners anymore!!/pages/THE-OAKS-KNUTSFORD/35453745965?fref=ts
  3. From the first story:

    “In this modern era we must be respectful of the ever expanding multicultural society in Britain, we live in quite a diverse and beautiful land where the slightest thing can upset many people. We have taken the brave step to enforce a military ban at the Globe, tensions are currently high with the local Islamic community and out of respect it’s the least we can do”.

    Seems like the Knutsford Guardian saw fit not to include the above statement from the new owners Christine & Thomas Hamilton, despite Muslims not being (supposedly) partakers of alcohol. Must make a heck of a profit on soft drinks!

    Look of Outrage.jpg
  4. It might also have been a sound notion for the spunk trumpets who made this up to pick a random image of a pub that didn't have a Help For Heroes box on the bar.

    Not the sharpest tools in the box though, and I suspect that someone has been told by the barstaff in said establishment that it was past their bedtime. Without the respect due to an Obergruppenfurher in the Leicester New Dawn... etc.
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  5. It's a right wing 'news' site trying to stir up trouble. Given the number of people I've seen posting it on Facebook today it's clearly working among the slower members of our society.
  6. Hey Danny, have you heard that Costa Coffee have recently banned soldiers from their premises & subsequently enjoying their over priced shit brews as well??!!1
  7. We could always club together and buy it!,%20Knutsford.pdf
  8. I'm only answering in this thread because I can't get onto the other thread, on the same subject, because its in News and Current Affairs (I'm on ROPs). I'm outraged and incandescent :rage:
  9. What's a pub and where is Leicester ?
  10. You mean only civi's can get served ???

    Oh No, how will they get on camp to the one in the Naafi