get the bibs and muzzles on, its Ultimate Farce episode 2

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Oforf_Ucksake, May 6, 2006.

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  1. sounds a hell of alot like one of Chris Ryans books....and its safe to say that the tart gets her baps out again.

    So get those plastic covers on the telly, strap on the bibs and warn the missus to put the earplugs in. Ultimate Farce Series 4, Episode 2 is on tonight
  2. With those baps it's plastic sheeting over the entire living room, a bucket and a hose *droool* schrunnnnnnfffmmpphhhh

    Sounds totally crap, I'm scheduling it in now...
  3. I wonder how loius will get locked up? trying to bang one of the cartel bosses daughters? or pocketing a bag of crack?

    but aslong as she gets her rack out for atleast 3 seconds, im good for the rest of the night
  4. nnnnnnnnnnnnmmmmmmmpppppppppppphhhhhh (control yourself damen!)

    sounds cracking. i'll be sure to lay my hands on some plastic wrap for a female fattening tool just for tonight.....
  5. Stand easy that man, or probably stand wobbly by the sounds of it