Get that troll Davina McCall & the brainless scum of Big Br

Yes, its that time of year again. When Channel 4 run out of ideas and put on endless hours of BB to while away the summer primetime viewing hours. We are subject to watch vacuous, self affirming morons on C4, E4 and E4+1. As if that wasn’t enough, every other news channel somehow manages to class what goes on in the house as news that falls into their ‘public service’ remits.

The more switched on of you will be asking “Why don’t you just not pay attention to it?”. However, how are you supposed to ignore it if its on the top of every tabloid every day. Even broadsheets seem to cover it!

What grips my shit even more is the presenters. Davina “Troll” McCall, Dermot “SAS” O’Leary and worst of all that cretin Russell Brand. Sell-outs the lot of em’.

IMHO all of Enedemol LTD, the presenters and contestants should be lined up against the wall (preferably the BB house wall) and shot, with their families charged for 1 x round 9mm.

enough is enough of this garbage join ch4 forums for BB if you must keep it off of here.
There was a sticky made in the naafi, if you cant put it there it ends up here

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