Get that linebelt off, youre a Scaley....

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Narcissus, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. When I received my linebelt I was a very proud young man in my first posting to the real army, and felt that I have really achieved something as there were people who had been in trade for longer than I but still not received this accolade, given to me after a long exercise, and bestowed after some of the senior linemen agree that had earn it!

    It was given in the time honoured tradition of going to the bar with the sqn and getting shit faced on all manner of concoctions to the point that stager to the bog is a extreme sport and being struck by the idea that hitting on the GYC bird is a good plan in front of everyone!!

    I have worn my belt with pride for a few years now, but since joining the TA some of my current seniors (non combat trade) have told me that I am not allowed to wear it, this first started on a poppy parade which was supported by the argument that they wanted the sqn to all look the same, as I had not been there long I decided to play the game and don a normal green belt. But this evening when I went to work I was told that I was to take it off straight away because I am a scaley not a Liney :shakefist: there was some of the old school teaching that stuck with me that lead me to believe I should bray the cnut but decided better of it!

    Thoughts please
  2. Fair one re: Remembrance but ...............

    if you're a proper liney you'll bray the cnut!

  3. I just wondered what you meant by this?
  4. sort the f ucker out and put his/there teeth in the open order!
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  5. Seriously though for only one second.
    Linemanloz what trade spec are you now.
    If not Liney then you have no justification to wear your belt.
    On the flip side if you are a liney and have passed all trade specs then mag to grid his teeth.

    Check other thread ref belts.

    or give General Michael J. Donnelly.KSG.QGM and see if you can borrow his nice "blue" belt instead.
  6. I was going to say the same HTL. What the fcuk are you on about combat trade? Did you see some combat? or did you just sit in the line shack eating pies and being 'dead hard'

    Combat involves killing people not looking after drums of HF quad.

    (Not that I've seen any action mind but the last thing I would call myself is a combat trade)
  7. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Royal Signals have what they term as combat and non-combat trades. Dvr Lineman, Rad Op and Dvr Electrician etc would be termed as combat trades whilst Technicians, Telegraphists etc would be non-combat.

    Hope this clears it up.
  8. It doesn't - you're about 18 years out of date. CERC changed trade titles from Combat Linemen/Powermen/Radiomen to other things more like the ones you've listed above.

    The term 'Combat' rather implied their intellectual level rather than their liklihood to be nearer 'Combat' than the rest.
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  9. linemanloz - I carried on wearing my line belt when I joined the stabs after 22yrs regs - the belt was never a problem. Being ex regular was! (despite having been a teenage stab in the same squadron).
  10. Ok fair enough might not be the current think in naming of trades but I think most people got the point that the belt was given by somebody from a diffrent trade group telling them that they had no right to wear something. I doubt that they would tell someone new in the Sqn to take their wings off because they wern't with an airborne unit?!

    They are trying to get me to retrade but at the moment but for the moment I am still listed as a Driver Lineman for my trade.
  11. Most people maybe - certainly not Soldier_Why above.

    Back to your point , which I hadn't commented on previously, if you're employed as a liney then it's accepted that they wear line belts. Ask your boss to speak to the Corps RSM - he has influence on dress PDs and I'm fairly convinced he'll (I'm assuming it's a he?) should be sympathetic to your cause.

    End of the day, if he orders you to remove it then you have to.
  12. Im all for traditions and the retention of them - Bring back regimental Baths, drying room interviews and good old knuckle sandwiches :)
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  13. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    I'm well aware of that, my point was more about the attitudes and thinking of soldiers within the Royal Signals rather than the 'party line' (perhaps I should have emphasised the 'they' in my comment above to clarify this).
  14. Not sure how driving a vehicle or fixing a generator in Kabul would be rated as 'combat' while the real link det tech stuck in the Sangin Valley would be 'non-combat'. All that 'combat' phraseology is arcane and totally irrelevant these days and only thickos gain satisfaction from calling themselves such.
  15. I think you may find you'll have to toe the unit line here, I know if Royal Signals or AGC example are attached as supporting troops, they have to wear the same beret/flash etc etc. I agree with whistler though, it's worth checking PDs if it means that much to you.