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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BONNACON, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. Who won? He looks a bit ginger...
  2. The police.
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  4. The Aye Right Dishonourable Bawbag for Falkrik West is nothin' but a money grabbin' wee Fud .
  5. Is that good or bad?
  6. Gratis translation : The Member of Parliament for West Falkirk, whose moral principles could be severely questioned, has a tendency towards avarice which he was probably born with, making him rather an unreliable person. Hope that helps...
  7. Thanks for the translation Ciggie but you missed out this one....[TABLE]
    [TD="class: word"] FUD
    [TD="class: tools"]Scottish slang term meaning pussy, vagina, muff, cunt

    [TD="class: text, colspan: 2"][/TD]
  8. Florence ...unreliable person and cunt have always been synonymous to my way of thinking !!!!
  9. Aye... he fits in well with some of 'Honorable Boys & Gels' in the H of C. He definately fits in well with the Liarbore Party. One wonders how many of our 'Honorabale Sons & Daughters' have drinkies problems, or smuggle in "White Poudre pour la naze", or end up bonking colleagues in cleaners cupboards and empty offices...... Hmm. One could suggest (allegd of course), that after this next court case that his future as an MP would be in doubt. He could end up stacking shelves in Tescos or cleaning public Khazis in West Falkirk.....
  10. They've disowned him.

    As I write this, Eric is still a guest of the Metropolitan Police. He apparently nutted a fellow MP in the presence of the police, clobbered a few coppers while being assisted onto the floor and took a swing at the custody sergeant at the nick, all the while proclaiming, "do you know who I am".

    The police have been interviewing witnesses all day. Looks like they're going to throw the book at Eric. The nutted Tory had concussion and possibly a broken nose which makes it ABH. Add in drunk and disorderly, resisting arrest, common assault on the police and criminal damage to a window and its quite possible that Eric could be going to jail, especially as he has previous convictions for drink related offences.

    Having said that, there is a special division of the CPS that deals with prosecution of MPs and they're allegedly slightly to the left of Stalin so "No case to answer Tony, err I mean Eric" is still a distinct possibility.

    For a bit of light relief, get on to the Labour blogs where there are some cracking explanations for Eric's behaviour, not including "he's a twat who can't hold his drink":-

    It's all Dave's fault because he smashed up restaurants when he was in the Bullingdon club.

    Eric was driven mad by the plight of his constituents who can only afford 42 inch plasma tellys since the welfare cuts started to bite.

    It was a one man protest against bankers' greed.

    Eric was trying to start a Libyan style uprising to unseat Dave.

    Nothing will happen for a while as the backlog of MPs awaiting trial from the last Parliament hasn't been cleared yet and there are some MPs from the current Parliament who are ahead of Eric, as well as the UKIP MEP who was nicked for expenses fraud last night.
  11. 20 years ago when I first went to Slovakia I couldn't believe how corrupt their system was, and believe me, they could teach monkeys tricks. Now they look at us in awe.

    Full -on bodily aggressiveness in Parliament should be, like the freedom to slander on the floor of the House of Commons, actively encouraged, in the Lords too. I'd do anything ( within reason ) to get a peerage and punch the living fuck out of that fat fucking woman Prescott, for a start. Recess time, down the Commons, pick that twat Haig up by the ears and throw him at bumboy Dave, oh yes, lets have a riot !!!!
  12. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Makes a change from them blaming Thatcher