Get some PARA worries off my head please.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by gibson677, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. Hi there lads. Ive made a previous question about the TA and ive recently decided with SDSR in mind, that joining the RAF as a pilot is a bad idea because ill be at home for the next 3 years. All that in mind ive been thinking at why i want to join the military services. There are 2 main reasons.

    -Job security, benefits etc. (its such a unique and amazing lifestyle)

    -Urge/passion to join and serve my country.

    So what to join as ive been thinking. I want a real serving profession (combat etc.) and i want to be the best of all combat specialists. So i think that i couldnt go much better that the parachute regiment. From what ive seen, its tough, challenging and changes people in weeks. However i have a huge worry that im not ready for the para challenges just yet. Sure in 3 months i should be hard as rock as im putting lots of effort in on my fitness recently and im really determined to make the para's. But my biggest worry is the 2 day selection as if that is in less than 2 months time i doubt i will be 'para ready'. So here is how you can help haha. Firstly will i have to do para specific tests before i get to basic training, im finding chin ups quite difficult and i can only do about 4 in a row, however i havent been training for very long with those. i stuggle with the run times....under 10 minutes :| its difficult...very difficult so if these requirements are during the 2 days selection then should i delay as much as possible so i can get fit and also if i fail the selection for para there should i get out there and then. I dont really want to join just as infantry, although im guessing sniper is difficult so i could go for that as that role is one of the best...i think.

    Correct me on anything if im wrong and please leave your opinions and other such informations which may be useful to me :)

    Thanks guys for your ongoing support so far and wish me luck :).
  2. Alright mate! The run time for the Paras at ADSC is under 9:18 minutes, as for the pull ups I don't think theres a minimum but when I went on the Para insight course I was told you should be aiming for at least 10 to score well on your overall fitness. Also after you've passed ADSC you have to do a PRAC (Parachute Regiment Assessment Course). It's apparently much harder than ADSC, but I haven't done it so I wouldn't know. At the end of the day if you don't think your fit enough yet, then tell you recruiter. Otherwise if you go to ADSC and get a shit grade, you can't re-do it for another 2 years.

    Soldier Recruiting - British Army Website

    There's a link for the PRAC on the right hand side.
  3. Also the sniper thing... you can't become a sniper straight off, and if I were you I'd concentrate on just getting in first.
  4. If you're intelligent enough to be a pilot (assuming you are qualified for it) why would you settle for being a sniper?

    Why not join the AAC and fly Apache?
  5. Let's face it, shocking colour beret..........enought to put anyone off.
  6. Good point well presented.

    However I'd have killed for their job, never more than a short flight from the nearest fridge :)
  7. After talking to the army about 2 weeks ago it seems apparent that the longest waiting list is for AAC and the main reason for me joining infantry is because the wait is so short and it is combat, which i want. Sure i worry, i shouldnt but its inevitable so yeah it is infantry for me, for now. So your saying that i would have to pass para standards before basic training. Bloody hell, not good. Guess ill delay a couple months then shine when i turn up :)

    Cheers for the response so far gents.
  8. PRAC, PFT including best effort push-ups/sit-ups for which you'll want 50+ ideally followed straight by 3.5 mile squadded warm up followed directly by 1.5 mile best effort run in under 9.30, Tranasium that afternoon then the 3-4 mile Steeplechase course the next day, with a "warm-up" lap that will have you hanging on your arse before you even start it best effort, in combats with helmet and boots.

    Until you feel ready for that, ask to pause your application or something (if that's even allowed) because Para Regt is tough for a reason, until your more confident in your fitness and running faster, I wouldn't recomment it. They'll try and have you on PRAC within weeks of passing ADSC (in which as said you need a 9.18 2.4km run) so you need to be ready. Good luck anyhow!
  9. That is fcuking serious, you got to be an athelete to get through that!! I would be begging for the coporals to put me out my misery.
  10. It might be worth you going on the Para Insight Course, if you speak to your recruiter they'll be able to book you onto one, failing that the number for the Para Reg recruiting team is on their website.
  11. And how hard do you think P Company is compared to this? This is a dawdle (sp?) mate, sorry...
  12. im looking to join the paras too. i understand that their intakes are october november january and march. is this correct?
    im in the same boat as you gibson im afraid that i might not be able to get to the 'para standard' before ADSC.
    i reckon id be able to get to about 9.30 in a few months ive always been pretty fit and find that i gain fitness faster than most people.
    theres a question that ive been meaning to ask about the 2 min situps and press ups best effort: i can bang out 30-35 press ups in a row and i guess this takes about 50 secs or so, so once im knackered can i just wait with my arms extended then keep going when i feel ready and before my 2 minutes is up? or i could pace it i guess?
    also, when in the recruiting process is the PRAC?
  13. You'l be better off getting fit then apllying, from the standard you say your at to where you need to be, is gonna take a good bit of training.
    Why not think about "just infantry" as you put it, they all do the same job just the fitness isnt as high, plenty of people are fit enough for PARA but go to there local Infantry anyway just out of choice, At the end of the day its the Infantry of the british army so standards are still very high.
  14. Hi there, I have completed ADSC and PRAC (PRAC in Sept) and have my start date for the Paras for January. The best advice I can give you is to hold off on your application until you are more than fit enough. You dont want to be just scraping through on the minimum, you want to be smashing it.

    At PRAC I did the 1.5 miler (after the 3.5 miles at a fast pace over various hills) in 8.26, 70 pressups in 2mins and 100 situps. And these were by no mean great scores to achieve. Best way to train I can give you is hills hills and more hills. Dont worry too much about your upper body at this stage, just make sure by the time ADSC comes round you can smash out 10 or more chinups. Id say concentrate on getting our 1.5miler down to the 8:30 mark, because after 3.5 miles time is added on, as normally I can do it in 8mis or so, so bare that im mind too.

    Any questions you have feel free to ask
  15. Thats a fcuking good effort fella, best of luck to you in your new life and career!!!!