Get Rugby into the Olympics

Can you imagine it? It would be carnage! All those 'non-swimmers' have seven shades kicked out of them by the Aussies, the Kiwis, the Springboks and the Brits...bring on Sudan! :twisted:
Its pretty close between Rugby and "Ultimate Frisbee" at the moment...

What is Ultimate Frisbee when its at home? thats what i would like to know!

Ultimate frisbee is somewhat akin to a cross between Rugby and Netball but with a.... well a frisbee.

Not 100% on rules but basically you can't run with the Ball/frisbee, and you have to advance it up the field and have a member of your team catch it when in a specified "goal" area.

Not a bad game actually, but surely Rugby has to come first.

We could also go the other way and vote for Twister of course.

At least Rugby is a sport where we could pretty much guarantee victory going to an Empire team eh Rangi, unless those dastardly Frogs stick there garlicky spanner in the works.
The_Happy_Hat said:
Has to be union - may stand a chance for a medal (although it would have to be amateur and all our guys are pros

Besides the fact that there is enough very very talented amatuer players around , what about the Army or Combined Services representing GB at the Olympics ...nice thought huh :?: :D
I don't think amateur status is relevent any more in the olympics ... anyone remember the USAs Basketball Dreamteam?

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