Get prioritys right....

As a seasoned ex squaddie of yesteryear i can only look on with sheer admiration and pride at the gutsy young men and women who are out there in the dusty lands fighting to protect us from the nutters who seek to kill and maim us..under manned ,ill equipped until recently(a scandal Mr brown)always smiling and making the ultimute sacrifices for all of us.
Then i look inwards with utter contempt at the state of this once great country and the greedy bunch of misfits who were to busy fiddling thier expenses to care about our lads..a prime minister who turned a deaf ear to the MOD and was to busy hoarding the cash,and then anouncing he plans to spend billions on carbon footprints schemes in other countrys and other claptrap..p.s,(in my day it was the hole in the ozone layer scam)
How dare he spend that money on anything other than protecting soldiers lives and keeping them out of harms way.
I see a goverment that wouldnt allow soldiers homecoming parades until the public became outraged and then they dare to stand up in parliment and praise the lads..the utter hypocrites.
I see obnoxious MPs who tried to block gurkhas who had fought for this country from settling here ...whilst allowing terrorist scum thier human rights and payouts for hurt feelings in jail.
I read stories about our incompetant politically correct intelligence service that watches suicide bombers for ages then loses them on the day,spouts rubbish about foiling massive bomb plots or observing suspected terrorist illegal students up north (who were allowed in on mickey mouse bogus certificates),but then end up red faced and looking stupid with damning reports on thier so called top notch surveillance operations.
I watch in disgust as our goverment releases or merely deports said suspects because we cant offend thier supporters by slinging them in a solitary cell for life where they can never again plot against us.
Yes..i think the only people who deserve our gratitude and respect should be the ones who put this country first before thier own lives.
This lot in goverment arnt fit for purpose,nor are thier onnoxious lackies in the corridors of officialdom.
As for our queen..come on maam, lay of the betting at royal ascot and speak up because the lunatics have taken over the asylum and are ruining your country.
I just had a look in the sticky mate...bloomin eck,i think there is enough scandals in there to get my blood pressure up and my hearts getting on in years.I cant believe they wont spend money on injured soldiers but some people will buy patches of ruddy rainforest..??...what planet are these people on.
Such an excellent post 'bobcat' - spot on as they say!

PS: What 'sticky'?

PPS: I'm astonished that 'Whet' did not take your post apart, sentence by sentence, word by word, as he is hopelessly in love with 'Clown' Brown, 'Bug-Eyes' Balls and most of all 'Mr. Mandelson - Prime Minister and Everything-Else'.

That said he is not a bad chap - 'Whet' that is, not the freak Mr. Mandelson.
Thank you for the comment old chap...the sticky was a section the previous fellow pointed out,i didnt notice them before but it only had more sorry tales of mistreatment of the troops.
Forgive me for speaking from the heart about things which truly rankle me.Even if its not fashionable with the establishment...we are a democracy still, even though they dont act like they run one.
I dont think anyone in the forum really disagrees,but if they do well thats thier right, and i respect all peoples opinions on here and i wish everybody well.I just get worried about these guys coming home with traumas and faceless officials not giving a damn and stitching them up with lack concern.I would hope that all of us can help them in some ways.Even it is a few words of support from an old duffer like me.

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