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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by minime33, Jun 13, 2006.

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  1. This carrying on from the CFT thread. Should you get a paid a 1/4 pay for completing 3 x40 minute session of PT per week. I am sure it would encourage a greater level of fitness beyond the minimum that is required and if the regs get paid for it shouldn't we. A few question though:

    1. Any TA units out there who already have a system like this?
    2. How would you record this and who sign it?
    3. How would you prevent abuse of the systems?
    4. Should 40 mins horizontal jogging with Misus count as strenuous exercise?
  2. You do get paid for it! Cheeky sod. You wanna play soldiers. Its shite like that that gives you lot a bad name.
  3. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Would need some kind of receipt from the gym to be presented to the PTI i reckon...
  4. Turn up, sign in and sneak off eh chaps? Then get paid. Oh hang on, thats the TA motto.
  5. If you're a Pte, you're looking at about £8.50 for a 1/4 day. I hardly think this is going to get the lazy fockers that wont do PT unless paid for it off their arses. Just get out there and do it!
  6. Thats exactly why the CFT should be a requirment for the bounty. Soon find yourself running in the rain of a night then wouldnt you?
  7. Thats a bit crap if your gym is the second bedroom in your flat. Or if your treadmill is Her Majestys highways and byways.
  8. That is an unworkable idea as it would be subject to abuse.

    As stated in many, many other threads, we VOLUNTEER for this, so being fit is a part of that. We get paid for doing this job, we receive a bounty (belatedly) on qualification of passing basic tests. That is pay enough.
  9. And please stop talking about the f_ucking gym. Gyms are for posing fannies who don't understand that muscles do not equate to physical fitness. PFT tests are an adequate assessment of fitness; plus they're free...

    *rant over*
  10. I'm glad you came on eSeL, I was losing faith rapidly
  11. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I know its not really a practical plan, as i reckon it would have to work on trust, and i know the guys in my unit, hence not really practical! Some would do it properly, but others would just rip the psis out of it.

    And the CFT Pass is a requirement for bounty, and has been for several years.
  12. So you DO get paid for PT then? I rest my case.
  13. CFT/PFT required for Bounty pass.

    Bounty = £1500 (for sake of argument)

    1500/52 = £28 per week

    28/3 = £9.3 for a 40 minute session

    Hey presto in a round about way you do get paid to do fitness. That is if you want your bounty. I'd love to get paid for doing fitness but personal pride is all I need to get out on the streets.

  14. I think you will find it is!

    Do we? I visit the gym a few times a week normally Monday/weds/Friday my drill night is on a Thursday between 19.30-21.30 that’s the only time we get paid for unless on camp/course/weekend by my reckoning those other days are mine
    unlike regular soldiers we don’t get paid 24/7 unless on camp etc so whilst you get paid for doing your own PT after work or (more than likely troop/sqn) during the day. I am required to keep myself fit for the army why shouldn’t I get paid to do like regular soldiers? As for most it would hardly cover a months membership at a gym :(

    And the regs don’t do this either? My arse I'm an ex-reg and have seen 1st hand people side up to the gym book in then disappear out the door. and as that for our motto sort yourself out mate I wonder how many regs who aren’t on Op's would moan and complain if they were asked to work an 80hr+ week every 2 weeks. as that's what most of us no doubt clock up between our civi jobs/TA weekends ect.
    If you think we are all work shy then why not write to the Chief of the defence staff and let him know. then the next time your spending 5 days doing a 3 day sandbag filling task on Ops due to no TA being around to be mobilised you can give yourself a big pat on the back

    Is it any wonder why theres an ARAB/STAB culture with people like you around if that's your attitude towards TA by running them down I'm glad I dont have to work with you. Perhaps you should spend some time with the TA instead of listening to others/forming an opinion based on a few
  15. Right on bruvva.

    I've nothing against the TA at all, but what a load of crap this lot is. You volunteered, if you dont like it, get out. Instead of whinging like bitches all the time.