Get over yourselves, you useless pair of spanners.


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Aw, somebody's tired.:yawn:
Six minutes to midnight (on a Sunday) when most normal folk will either be asleep, or getting
their leg over, two trolls were busy ending their day derailing a thread on the mighty arrse.

Here’s an excerpt of what you all missed.


whitecity /smartascarrots

If you have to derail a thread, come and derail this one you useless pair of spanners.
Thanks for that, can I suggest a glass of baby bio and a silica gel sandwich before bed tonight you ball achingly boring cunt?
I feel a Vince Cable moment coming on.

Make an argument that stands up or not, your choice. Don't expect a circle-jerk of the usual conspiracy theorists to be accepted as cold, hard fact.

You need to keep your bitch on a lead.
You need to learn a bit about the subjects you comment on before commenting on them.

Try it, it's refreshing.

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