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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by halo_jones, Jul 1, 2009.

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    More money to be spunnked up the curtain ahead, while i thought that privatising BR back in the the day was a train wreck that would indeed happen i see the government part privatising a little more by buying out the eastern line is only going to end in tears...

    I hope im wrong both public finacees and well paid jobs rest on the right thing being done and not a one eyed scribble on the back of a fag packet.

    Is an interesting article by peston that highlights the ongoing pile of pants that is and was how to squander public money.
  2. With the gigantic borrowing programme and the resulting debt servicing required, it is impossible to imagine that the government is telling the truth about the finances in general and about spending 'plans' in particular.

    If, as should happen, this awful government is dismissed at the high-port by the electorate at the general election, it will extremely hard for the incoming government to sort the total shambles out before 2015.

    Scorched earth - malice - envy - spite - class warfare - deception - dishonesty - dissembling, these are the hallmarks of this failed and dreadful government.

    PS: Surprise, surprise - Mr. Mandelson has announced the shelving of plans to privatise the Post Office. Another 'plan' bites the dust in an attempt to win votes.
  3. And the alternative is? If the government hadn't stepped in National Express would have gone to the wall and the government would have had to taken over anyway. This way NE can still do what it does best.

    Personally I would like to see the whole kit and caboodle taken back into public hands - I don't know of a single company who isn't fcuking up the job or fcuking over the general public.
  4. All these Companies should feck off. Where there is demand someone will see the opportunity to fill the gap should one collapse.

    I don't see them backing small business in the same manner, but then again I suppose MP aren't director of small business or receive the requisite back handers.
  5. Heaven forfend! I almost agree with 'Whet'.

    I am a Tory, but I do think that the 'privatising' of some things - water in particular - and the ludicrous and lamentable splitting of the railway track from the train operators, were steps too far. (Two or more companies on one section of track is no great problem).

    Sadly, I think that 'Whet' and I could between us run anything imagined better than the present government!
  6. The whole East Line franchise has been a gold plated cock up from begining to end. national Express and GNER had both been screwed by the Government. NE was expected to cough up £1.4 Billion over the life of their franchise. GNER was screwed for payments of £130 Million per year in 2005 when their franchise was renewed, on top of a one off payment of £1.3 Billion . That annual fee was 4 times the previous annual payment.
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    What? An O2 thief and a 'Whet'?!

    That's like saying a one-eyed jock and a bum-bandit could do a better job . . . . . . . . :twisted:
  8. You obviously don't understand the sealed bid system. You take an envelope, put the amount you are willing to pay in it and it goes with a whole load of other bids. If yours is the highest when those sealed bids are opened then you get the train set.

    Bid too high, which is what NE did, and you make a loss.
  9. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Why then should the previous standards not play a part in the decision as well though?

    Personal opinion only but GNER were absolutely miles ahead of NE for punctuality and service. I used to use them very regularly when heading down to PWOG Bks but after the franchise changed hands they were abysmal.
  10. Let 79 Railway Squadron RLC operate the route, lots of main line training experiance for the steel wheelers, call up ex Military Railwaymen to support them, nows where's my black coveralls and RCT cap badge?
  11. I feel particularly dirty for saying it, but I also agree with Whet. When it comes to trains, they would be a brilliant public service which could save Joe Public loads of money and do wonders for the environment - but they're very difficult to run as a viable business.

    I love the idea of travelling to work on the train, but despite only living around 5 miles from my office, it would cost me over £80 a month to buy a rail pass, making it much cheaper to drive.

    Add into that the number of trains which arrive late or are cancelled, the fact that the shelter is always locked because of vandalism (great fun in the p*ssing rain), and the fact that there are sometimes two hour gaps between trains - and even if it were free I'd probably give it a miss.
  12. I think you're only half way there.

    Two questions need to be addressed. First, should the railway system be publically or privately owned? Second, should rail travel be subsidised or be expected to stand on its own feet?

    Thus, if the East Coast Mainline (or other) cannot be sustained by revenue from its users, shouldn't it just be shut down?
  13. Im afraid hard cheese for the shareholders etc there liability there problem! I doubt very much the board are ever going to be liable for a pennies loss while they would have been happy to take a pounds profit

    I dont disagree with you at all there however we cannot do it piece meal or just to avoid the large scale lay off that would show this governemts police's are nothing more than snake oil.
  14. 1a) In my opinion, it should be publically owned.

    1b) Private train travel can stand on its own two feet. However, as recent history shows, it becomes the choice of travel for the well off because fares are placed beyond their reach (not counting the offers). Railway companies - whilst making a horrendous profit, will also condemn its local passengers to horrendous conditions.

    2) The rail system is two strategically important to close it down.
  15. Twice now i cannot disagrre with your thinking but however we have to stop useing the nations staegic assets as purses or political footballs.

    One eye will do anything to make politcal hay from this rather than make a sound descion in the benifit of the country