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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sigwife, Oct 28, 2005.

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  1. maybe its me but iv been trying to compleat this for the last 2 hour and im in the same situation i was in when i started does anyone else know how to get out????

  2. actually its quite easy, you need to collect everything.

    get the rope the magnet &the wine bottle first.
    go to the wee alcovey bit and get the rope andthe bit paper with 666 on it
    go to the shelves again under there you have to answer a Q.... think about 666 (number ofthe beast)
    that will open something
    cluck on the wood then therope then the magnet...
    go back to the alcove and"fish" with the magnetic fishing rod... you'll get a key

    use thekey in the wardrobe to get matches, pliar screwdriver & a saw
    go back to the shelves and use the saw to get another bit wood

    go to the wall with the writing on it, click on the O in you.. then follow thefootsteps 3 times round theroom

    go to the grill on the wall and use the coin to open it

    use the nail and the pliars to open the win bottle
    click on the bitwood, the towel you found beside the question under the shelves then click on the wine bottle again. use the matches and voila you can see in the dark grill

    you're out and the game is crap :lol:
  3. cheers
  4. Where are the matches then? There's none in the wardrobe
  5. they are on the shelf you cant see them you just have to click

    the follow me bit has got me puzzled been round the room but nothink is happening and where does the coin come from???
  6. Cant find the coin? getting really p*ssed off here....
  7. Got the coin - click the 'o' in follow me, then follow the foot steps round the room three times and click the 'o' again.
  8. whats the awnser to the question? im to thik to figur it out.
  9. Its not exactly the most difficult game out there, is it? ;)

    Cr@p, IMHO.

  10. Hmmm...for people who like these things, try this:

    The Crimson Room

    Try not to use one of the 'cheat guides'.

  11. the answer is to the Q is beast
  12. Crikey I won't be getting any work done now!
  13. finally done it ................ and it really wasnt worth the 2 1/2 hours iv been sat here jeeze i need to get out more
  14. Sigwife - now try this.

    Piece of pi$$ - should take about 5 minutes - tops! :D
  15. So having done the battlefield we're digitising command tasks now?