"Get out of the car, or else..."

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by California_Tanker, Oct 12, 2006.

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  1. The convoy thread is going wildly off-topic, so I'll put it in its own thread for those who haven't seen it yet. Apologies if they are reposts, I don't recall seeing them here before.

    Enjoy. These are moments which can reaffirm your faith that there are decent, common-sensed, down-to-earth people in the police force.

    Well, he did warn her...

    Cop who has seen Lethal Weapon too many times.

    Cop who takes objection to an apparent disrespect to the public service.

  2. After watching that I would really really like a tazer for Christmas. Do Argos have them?

    Fantastic vid!
  3. 8O ...and the rest of the population?
  4. You obviously have kids :wink:
  5. Hmm. good point. We're screwed.

  6. That middle one is amazing

    I want to marry his daughter! What are the odds of someone doing that in real life.

  7. And a mother in law! :frustrated:
  8. There are various models; in the circumstances I would suggest you need more than one. Just don't get them mixed up!
  9. The third clip reminds me of a little incident that happened to a group of American lawyers/legal assistant types who decided to take a weekend trip to 'Edin-burg'.

    The Monday after the trip, one of them came in sporting a black eye, but was keeping stumn about how he'd gotten it.

    Straining to listen to his explanation to a colleague whom he eventually confided in, all I could make out was something like this: "we were just having a drink, we weren't drunk just having a good time....I thought all British bobbies were supposed to be friendly....they don't carry guns..I thought he would laugh...he hit me really hard.."

    Transpired that chap in question thought it would be a giggle to get photographed my his mates knocking a coppers hat off, and then show it to the 'folks back home'. Obviously the chap who's hat it was had other ideas!
  10. Watched that tazer clip - took her down a peg or two - she then obviously milked it for everything she could. Sounded like she was moaning on some chap's vinegar strokes rather than being in pain.

    I think the use of non-lethal force is now redundant. Having had my car vandalised AGAIN by local chavs (just scratches, but it's annoying), I think one verbal warning is sufficient - without immediate compliance a 3 round burst of 5.56mm would be used, targets fall when hit :evil:
  11. ...so the policeman in the clip wasn't inept then?

    Arming of traffic wardens?
  12. I didn't comment on the capabilites of the policeman, only on the actions of the woman (stupid cow).

    Arming traffic wardens? You're kidding me? Arming of personel of my choosing for the eradication of undesirable elements of the local and possibly national population :D
  13. your forgetting the point of tasers and the like.
    not that they don't kill the subject but that you can do it again and again.
    see get tony and the wide mouth frog in your sights with a browning its all over apart from the mopping up in seconds.
    with a tazer a few spares and a handy charging point you've got a quality afternoons entertainment :twisted:
    only fly in the ointment is the waiting time in the queue but we could always put TCH in a gimp suit to keep the waiting public entertained :twisted: