Get out of Jail Free Software Pack

Just a quick thread to highlight top resources that all PC owners should keep beside their machines. There are variants of all these programs out there but so far in the past 5 years these programs/packages have kept my PC and many others from being rebuilt in the event of serious crashes/viruses etc.

- UBCD (Ultimate Boot CD) Windows Pre Environment DOS based applications.
- BARTs Mini PE (Mini Pre-Environment) XP Clone that runs in RAM with over 100 excellent features.
- Driver Genius - Copies all your drivers from your PC and stores them in a folder.
- Partition Manager X - Windows Partition Manager.
- AVG Free Antivirus - Update a new copy monthly :)
- PD WIPE (Any secure formatting software that wipes all sectors x7 will do.)
- Open SUSE Linux.
- Open Office.
- DIXML - Free HDD Ghosting software (Works with BARTs).
- Sequioa View Hard Drive viewer.

Theres everything you would need here to diagnose and auto/manually repair practically everything from Windows 2000 upwards.
I'll see what I can do...

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