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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Biscuits_AB, Apr 16, 2012.

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  1. I wonder how many others have done this sort of thing...

    PCSO jailed for text warning
    16 Apr 2012

    A Wrexham Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) has been sent to prison for 10 months for releasing confidential information.

    Lisa Stapley was accused of sending a text message to a friend to warn her police were searching for her.

    The court heard Stapley sent a message to a woman saying: “Get out of Wrexham, the police are looking for you."

    Stapley admitted to four charges of misconduct in a public office. There was no financial gain and in three of the four charges she was not prejudicing any police investigation or advancing a criminal purpose.

    Judge Philip Hughes, talking about the sending of the text message, said: "By doing so you helped your friend evade the attention of the police.

    "That is the most serious aspect of your offending. It was a gross breach of trust.

    “The court has a duty not only to punish you but to send out a message to those who work in the police, either as police officers or community support officers, that such behaviour is so serious that only immediate custody can be imposed."

    The deputy chief constable for North Wales Police, Ian Shannon, said: "This case demonstrates our resolve to thoroughly and rigorously investigate any instance where the integrity of our staff may be called into question.

    "In any case, where corruption is found, we will ensure that those responsible are brought to justice, as we have done in this case."
  2. Plenty, Stapley is just a cheap sacrifice.
  3. On a similar note, am I allowed to grip PCSO's for looking unprofessional?

    I quite often see them cutting about with their head dress off or generally looking scruffy.
  4. I wonder how many police hours and cost of the enquiry for the tax payer to get this criminal mastermind brought to justice. Now this investigation is completed and conviction stats looking a bit better they can put a bit more effort in catching those petty criminals up North like rapists, murderers and druggies.
  5. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Get out of the block quick, Fred didnt turn up for guard duty
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  6. A long time ago when i was a single young Cfn/Lance Jack I always had an empty can of beer in my locker for that very occassion...when ROS/ROO came banging on my door in Traz on a Saturday/Sunday morning saying they needed stand in guard as someone hadnt shown Id open another can and swig beer and say I was an early starter and been on the beer. Im grassing you up though Dave I bet you used to warn the pads.
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  7. Yes i agree.champion send the t.a. To jail.
  8. Please do. For the amout they are paid, they should be smartly turned out.

    A lot of them could do with losing a stone or three and learning English too.

    On a serious note, with their pay and conditions added to the hammering "back room staff" are taking morale must be pretty low.

    Ideal targets for corruption, I fear.
  9. Er, have you read the BBC coverage?

    BBC News - Wrexham PCSO Lisa Stapley jailed for information leaks

    Stapley's barrister, Patrick Cassidy, said his client was a lesbian, recruited by North Wales Police as part of its equality and diversity policy.

    Stapley joined the force in 2008, initially working on Anglesey.
    She was then posted to Wrexham, where she had worked for 10 years as a taxi driver.
    She suffered from depression, the court heard, and in 2009 her civil partnership broke down and her mother died.
    "With the personality she has, the resolve she was expected to have weakened and she passed on bits of information in the way that the court had heard," Mr Cassidy said
    When interviewed, Stapley said she saw herself as an unofficial point of contact for the lesbian community of Wrexham.

    Mr Cassidy said it was done in the context of the tight-knit lesbian community she was part of, and she later resigned.

    That's fine then, it's all just looking after your tight-knit community. I know some bank robbers, is that OK?

    Best this is moved to the NAAFI before the safety catch comes off....
  10. Hahahaha! Now, where have we seen that sort of conduct before? Ah, yes...the RMP!
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  11. Ms Stapley

  12. There was one of them knocking about Thiepval in the early 90s. It used to drink in the 39 Horsehoe and the Peak Inn. Capped sleeve T shirt with a packet of tabs stuffed in one of the 'sleeves', 501s and a pair of comfortable shoes. I think that it belonged to the RLC. It was a thoroughly fucking nasty piece of work, full of penis envy and pent up aggression. The only thing missing was the Staffy Terrier on a chain. What an ugly fucking individual it was and I don't just mean physically. It was probably the most obnoxious individual I have ever met. I wouldn't be surprised if these two knew each other.
  13. They appear to have put a picture of a bloke up next to the story rather than a woman!
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  14. I don't see what the problem is. They employed her because she was a lesbian and as far as I can see from the news reports, a lesbian she remains. Given that all she had to do to get hired was 'be a lesbian' they can hardly complain when she turns out to be incompetent and dishonest as well.
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  15. If she was in the Army, she'd have got off with it.