Get off your ass and earn your benefit's kicked out by lawyers again

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DesktopCommando, Feb 12, 2013.

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  1. Poundland Graduate Cait Reilly Wins Appeal

    Miss Reilly was forced to leave her voluntary post at a museum to work unpaid at Poundland in Kings Heath, Birmingham in November 2011 under a scheme known as the "sector-based work academy".

    She was told she would lose jobseekers' allowance if she refused and spent two weeks stacking shelves and cleaning floors.

    ??? dont get it she didnt get nothing for the museum ?

    Mr Wilson, a qualified mechanic, was told that he had to work unpaid, cleaning furniture for 30 hours a week for six months, under a scheme known as the Community Action Programme.

    He objected to doing unpaid work that was unrelated to his qualifications and would not help him re-enter the jobs market and refused, leading to him losing jobseekers' allowance for six months.

    Following the court ruling, Miss Reilly said: "I don't think I am above working in shops like Poundland. I now work part time in a supermarket. It is just that I expect to get paid for working.
  2. but what exactly is your point?

  3. So the scheme actually worked, in that it forced her to understand that employment of a certain type was available, and that she could get what is known as a "job"....?
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  4. Working for Poundland is beneath here maybe, if she's getting an alowance from me she can do some work. My garden needs digging.
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  5. She was working and not being paid. It's as simple as that. Hopefully all the ***** including MPs who advertise "internships" only rich kids can afford will have to cough up.
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  6. Bit of an odd on really.

    The scheme has merit but should be used wisely.

    Miss Reilly was claiming JSA and working (for free) in a museum. She intends (or did) to become a curator of a museum, thus the work experience helps. I beleive her time in the museum should have been recognised as work. It certainly wasn't watching Jeremy Kyle. Extra hours needed could be made up in poundland.

    6 and 2 3s realy. Is she putting in the effort to gain employment later on, or milking hte taxpayer to fund her unpaid dream job?

    Mr Wilson may be a mechanic, but he doesn't seem to be doing anything at the moment. Could he approach a youth club or similar to help teaching motor studies or 'how to change a spare'?

    If we could find work for him in his line, great. n the mean time we're paying him for nothing.
  7. She was working unpaid in the museum so it's clearly fine with her, it's the nature of the employment she objected to.
  8. Devil's advocate, was it fine that she didn't get paid? (ie dole).
  9. no he wasn't being paid for doing nothing, he was on jobseekers allowance,which is a basic right if you have previously worked and find yourself then unemployed. Then he finds he has to do 30hrs a week for fk all extra which basically is a road to nowhere for most, however it makes the unemployment figures look better.

    And he is still required to look for a job in the meantime.

    Most people would moan like fk if it happened to them.
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  10. She should be grateful, she's too minging even to get a job on the street.
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  11. If working unpaid in a museum is fine then so is working unpaid, she has established that concept. All we are left with is nature of work. Her argument that her life would be irrevocably destroyed should she have to leave the museum was manifestly wrong as she now works in a supermarket.
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  12. Another problem is, why should any form of business employ people properly if they can get the same job done for free?

    You can say the tax payer is giving them money to "for nothing". The other side of the coin is the tax payer is paying a wage that businesses should.
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  13. Her initial arguement was that she would have to give up museum work completely, thus closing the door on her chances of being a curator. Part time supermarket/part time museum seemed t have missed her in her initial fit of pique.

    A friend of mine worked in a pub, whilst doing a phd.
  14. Where is written that JSA is a 'basic right'?

    He new task cleaning furniture (was it) could set him on a new career path, as obviously the mechanic stream isn't working for him.

    Keeping people active is also a good thing. I knock out a 40 hour+ week and still look for career openings/study.

    Active body, active mind.
  15. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    The basic concept was right - give people work experience to help them get a job. And give people who have been long term unemployed a taste of the work place to jerk them out of couch potato mode.

    But the execution was wrong.

    For just out of school, never employed, they could have made it a 4 week work placement and got Poundland to top up the job seekers allowance to minimum wage. 4 weeks maximum would stop supermarkets using job seekers as cheap labour as the cost of training would offset the reduction in wages.

    And for the long term unemployed (say over one year) 1 day a week of voluntary work to remind them that they should actively be seeking work and not getting up at 10 and watching Jeremy Kyle.

    This was a basically good idea that ended up being used more as a sound bite to show they were doing something rather than as a serious program. When will ministers learn that having the idea is 10% of the job? The other 90% is making sure it is executed correctly.

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