Get off the war memorial BBC!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Cuddles, Mar 27, 2008.

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  1. While conducting "pub lunch operations" in my home village, I espied a film unit. Judging by the horses, mob-caps and frock coats we are about to be immortalised in yet another historical/literary masterpiece. I think it is Tess of the D'Urbevilles, a Hardy perennial...

    Apart from the mucking around of parking, extra vehicles and gangs of people called Tristan talking about the politics of soap operas, there was a small group of technicians lurking on our war memorial. four or five of them, one with a tab out and another sat on the concrete flower tubs which mark the four corners. To describe them as disrespectful is polite - they didn't seem to even give one.

    I reached into my inner soul and pulled out a pretty convincing AcSM impression. "That man, smoking on the war memorial!" He jumped about ten foot, looked sheepishly over his shoulder and jerked away from the (actually quite unpleasant) marble centotaph like a galvanised frog. The rest of the gang bomb-burst, one of them showing decency by doing a mime of "Sorry".

    A senior grown-up turned to remonstrate with whoever had shouted after he had called silence or action or whatever. We exchanged a glance. He pretended he hadn't seen me.

    BBC? Ha!
  2. Well done that man,take yesterday off Cuddles and make a deduction from your TV licence payment.
  3. Nice one Cuddles - if I was wearing a hat , it would be doffed, Sir!

    Did you follow up with pinging them for haircuts and general idleness? Rich pickings, I would wager.

    Knees to chest around the churchyard for 10 minutes would have them sparking!
  4. Well done Cuddles - Good effort!

    Hardy perennials nice! ;)
  5. Ten times round my beautiful body and feel a close up of my wide angle Super Zoom bunch of Fives.

  6. Su-FCUKIN-perb!!!!! Well done you.
  7. Nice one Cuddles.

    And the BBC fall another peg...
  8. Good skills Cuddles ! A pity the senior grown-up didn´t try it on. Now just send a stonking letter to the BBC Director General or whatever he´s bloody called :twisted:
  9. Bravo Cuddles! Because, you know, I've always had my doubts about you trenchy-type fellows. Always suspected there might be a bit too much of the battle-dodging, nappy-wearing, I'd-rather-have-a-cup-of-tea-than-charge- stark-naked-at-Jerry about you. But if you're willing to put some teamsters in their place then you're all right by me and welcome to marry my sister any day.
  10. Bravo, Cuddles, always remember that, despite occasional lapses, the BBC is NO friend of the armed forces and will do us down if they get half a chance.
  11. Erm...thanks Flashy..Ithink?? I have just been informed, though it is as yet unconfirmed, that this BBC film crew are not paying for the privilege of filming here. Moreover when it was mooted they might wish to, some apparatcik asked "What would you spend it on?" Their implication being "what on earth could provincials like us possibly have to spend money on?"

    Well the list is endless, including football club (ages 4-50 on the playing side alone), pre-school charity, history society (that's studying it, not revising it) cetera. No lesbian cappucino book clubs and we were described as a bit too middle class by OFSTED I grant you; hell that's the way we like it.

    Letter to DG is definitely on the cards, cc: County RBL head shed and possibly MP. He is a Lib Dem so maybe not much point? Ian Hislop however has some clout in Shepherd's Bush, maybe he might be interested?
  12. I think you might make more impact by not doing so. It will enter film crew legend....
  13. Nice one ref letter Cuddles. Methinks perhaps a five figured donation to a Forces Charity is called for here, to make up for the error of their ways :twisted: Perhaps ask whether the B still stands for British, or whether in fact they are now CBC, as in Chav !!
  14. I shall sleep on it. However I think a letter to the DG commenting on the insensitivity and the lack of respect to our fallen will be a cert. As for CC addressees...I think IH may get one.