Get Off My Land

Did he do the right thing ??

Farmer takes revenge on squatter ... with a forklift

While the intruder sleeps in his caravan, Alan Roberts decides to take things into his own hands. Click enlarge to see more pictures of the dramatic eviction

It was an act of revenge on a squatter that most farmers can only dream of. Faced with a uninvited intruder moving onto his land complete with car and caravan, Alan Roberts decided to take matters into his own hands.

While the illegal tenant was still soundly asleep, Mr Roberts got into his yellow JCB forklift and prepared to teach him a lesson.

First, he picked up the man's burgundy Vauxhall Cavalier from its spot on one of his fields and dumped it unceremoniously outside his land.

Then he returned to scoop up the white caravan, still housing the unsuspecting squatter.

As it was lifted into the air, the man, in his 20s, appeared at the window looking rather groggy and startled to discover he was suddenly airbourne.

But Mr Roberts, 46, who rents Grange Farm near Immingham, North East Lincolnshire from wealthy landowner Lord Yarborough, ignored the man's pleas and moved the caravan and its passenger off his land before dumping them both.

Last night, the farmer issued a stark warning to any would-be squatters who might be eyeing up his land as a potential home.

"If they want to come back for seconds, they can," he said. "I am a force to be reckoned with. That guy was not staying on my land. I have got the guy fairly wound up and there was a lot of swearing on both sides.

"The increasing trouble with squatters has been winding us up - so I am taking the law into my own hands."

Mr Roberts said it was the second time this week that the mystery man had parked the vehicles on his land. He first arrived on Tuesday evening, and the next day Mr Roberts gave him two hours to move the car and caravan.

After he ignored the polite request, the farmer picked up the Cavalier with his forklift truck and dumped it at the side of the road.

It was when the squatter came back and bedded down for a second night that Mr Roberts decided to teach him an early morning lesson.

The squatter was the first man who had set up camp on Grange Farm, but Mr Roberts said it was only the latest in a series of incidents.

Farmers in the area claim they have lost hundreds of pounds to poachers and are plagued by others driving four-wheel vehicles over their fields.

Mr Roberts, who is married with a 12-year-old daughter and farms cereal crops on his 700-acre plot, said the man had since disappeared with both his vehicles.

Spokeswoman for Humberside Police, Lisa Fleming, said: "Police attended but it is a civil dispute between the landowner and the vehicle and caravan owner.

"Officers spoke to both parties and the caravan owner volunteered to move his vehicle within 24 hours."
No: he should have killed him first, buried the whole lot off his land, and then denied all knowledge...
Good man!

"Police attended but it is a civil dispute between the landowner and the vehicle and caravan owner.
Does this mean the police have common sense and are leaving well alone?
If you are committing trespass, and refuse to leave then, IIRC, the landowner or their representative is allowed to use reasonable force to remove you from the property.

It might be possible to get the person done with Aggravated trespass or Breach of the peace, but that's a tad more dicey.
Excellent drills that man. My titfer is duly doffed.

The muck spreader job happened at a RAF base very close to where I live several years ago. The , so called , peace campaigners set up camp , next morning the farmer , on whose land they were , started spreading the muck , naturally he had to start at the side of the field , the side where the peace campaigners had set up camp , by mid afternoon all had left .
This man did the right 1996

A farmer protested about alleged mismanagement of his bank account by driving a muck-spreader into a city centre and spraying a NatWest branch with four tonnes of foul-smelling cow manure, a court was told yesterday.

David Cannon, 66, blasted the slurry over the branch, in Newcastle upon Tyne, in a gesture which led to a two-week clean-up by stonemasons.

Cannon had a five-year battle with the bank, which he claimed had mismanaged his accounts, costing him more than pounds 100,000 and forcing him to sell his prize-winning herd of Ayrshire cows at his farm, near Ponteland, Northumberland.

After he started spraying the building, in Moseley Street, Newcastle, passers-by had to dive for cover.

Bank manager Alan Bell told Newcastle magistrates: "There was a large deposit of manure sprayed up the walls to considerable height and lying in a heap outside the door.

"We had to have scaffolding erected and the stonework professionally cleaned because the matter had leaked into the sandstone. The effluent was too deep to walk into the bank unless you had waders on."
We've got a bit of a field and we're always getting "Travellers" on them. So we tell them they've got 2 hours to move before we take the JCB over the road and dig huge holes in front of the gate so none of them can get back out again.
To answer the question put ... yes. Damn right he did. Now if the Home Office is still looking for ways to lessen the immigration numbers..... take the hint.


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hobbit874 said:
I wonder what a muck spreader would be like in the field where these squatter(s) were, the farmer still has to work his land

Impressive actually.

In the early 80's there was a very small camp of wooly-hatted, tofu-grazing clamjousters squatting on a piece of agri land just by the turn off to an exercise area. They had refused every invitation to vacate the place by the long-suffering and very patient farmer.

I was in a four tonner coming up to the junction when we saw the driver of a tractor get the 'PTO handle caught on something' as he was parked off on the raised road next to these teepees.

I found out just how fast these hippocrocabuffapigs could move when the sky turned dark.
I wish I had a JCB and some land with stubborn squatters on it! Well done that man!

I read not too many years ago of a group of squatters on some land who also would not move on. A farmer and his farming pals returned and proceeded to dig a moat around them with JCBs. They had no choice but to move on.
Good effort. Just wait for him to be charged with criminal damage and the squatter have his case taken up by some human rights lawyer.

I also wonder if the car was taxed or insured? It was probably not roadworthy having been shifted by a JCB.


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frenchperson said:
This man did the right 1996

David Cannon, 66, blasted the slurry over the branch, in Newcastle upon Tyne,
Passer-by Sharon Milburn, when asked to comment, said, "Eeeeh pet, disn't it smell fresh in tha Toon theday, like? D'yer knar where Ah kin buy this porfume?"
Listy said:
It might be possible to get the person done with Aggravated trespass or Breach of the peace, but that's a tad more dicey.
Aggravated tresspass is a criminal offence under the criminal justice act 1994.

We all know that tresspass is a civil offence but, if the landowner would have gave the police permission to press charges then he would have been charged..