Get involved/not get involved

She is right it should not have got to court and it would not have done had she not criminaly assaulted the guy. She is just another criminal who deserves to be behind bars.
Some corking one liners in this stroy

"I was eating my chips with cheese and kebab with curry sauce ....... food of champions!

Mr McCay, who had the wound glued, said his mates now "like to take the mickey out of me and go on about how I get beaten up by a woman"

Married mum of two Ashworth, of Bovington, Dorset, had claimed Mr McCay had earlier been thrown out of a club for pinching her bottom.

Ashworth will be sentenced on Wednesday. After leaving court she fumed: "This is crazy, it never should have come to court.

They're a bunch of muppets."

damm it, would have been a good day out spectating... oh I can see her now.... stilletoes and red ronn hills by chance???

oh and re getting involved.... finish scoff first!
Funny enough, thats is quite similar to something that happened a mate of mine

He and a few others where wandering back into camp when some WRACs (yep that long ago) started griefing them, they were on the way in from the pish as well, typical drunken godbbing off, unfortunatly the blokes with the WRACs, who were on a promise, thought they would be a bit brave and came at my mate and others, things is though, they were portly, old(er), out of shape and held desk/store type jobs, whereas my lot were fresh faced killing machines and promptly kicked the shite out of them.

Anyway, as my mate held one lad down and pummeled him he felt a stilleto spike is head as one of the WRACs had stamped on him, he however only registered a smack to the head, half turned and laid her out.

Thing is this was all embarising as the WRACs and the bloaters were all married (to others) and wanted it all shushed up, but because she was knocked out minus an incisor it went very official, the result ? 6 months, 2 grand and a discharge

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