get in the kitchen!!!biatch

tv ad

was looking at a complaint about the fit chick on the m&s advert,well the guy who says he wants to see her etc ect

found this too, which made me laugh(comments bit)

bloody women and thier housework chores!

why dont they just shut up and get cleaning my smingy undercrackers like they should be!.

bloody equal rights my ass,they dont give me thier underwear to (sniff)i mean clean!!!

im just to considerate!

i say beat that slut round the head with the oven bars and pour the liquid down her throat!
that will put a stop to her "disablility" and shut her up!!!

sour faced CNUT
Has someone been at the Buckie again? I know it's Friday mate, but quarter to 11 is early even for a Jock. :wink:

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