Get Fit with the royal marines software

Hi,im in the process of buying this software for training purposes. has anyone got any idea how good it is? has it got any videos of marine training?cheers in advance

my fitness goals are roughly 80 pressups and situps,1.5 mile in under 8 the moment i can do about 50 press-ups in a minute, and about 52 sit ups in a minute. horribly after the minute i get knackered and all i can do more is about 5 or 10 in the next minute.i guess its a problem of improving my anaerobic fitness.let me know the cheap way,mate.cheers

I would slow down on the press ups and sit ups,good form is better than speed,it also depends on how much time you have got before you take the test,I would do a variation of press up which is called the HINDU press up it works most of your upper body and abs as well,if you check this website you will see what I mean and for your anoerobic fitness I would do hill running as it is a real killer and also have a good look in this forum for some good help.I find by changing the exercise you do not get bored and you can shock your body into improving,just remember mate there is no miracle solution just good old sweat and tears,good luck mate and stick with it
Sub 8 minutes and they will be looking at you joining the olympic team! Best time I ever seen for the mile and a half was 7 min 20 and that was in boots!
thanks for the link rhodesian.its looks really good. a bit of mistake in my post.actually i am aiming at 7min or less a mile other than the 1.5mile i aiming at 7min/mile for a 6 mile run.cheers
Iv got the royal marines software and it is good, it basically gives you a training programm week by week. You enter details such as how many press ups you can do sit ups etc and rates you. There are also video clips of the training the marines do I found it very informative.

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