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Does anyone know of any Get Fit Fast programmes? I know fitness isn't something that can be gained over night, but has anyone any ideas as to how to boost fitness levels considerably (preferably in the next two weeks, if that's possible) without over-doing it and causing injury?

Thanks for your help.
Depends on what you are wanting to boost for, I suppose.

If its overall speed/general fitness I recommend a good running programme with hill sprints. Blast it up the hill/steps for about 20/25m and run down.After each up-down set perform a set (25)'old school' excersises, such as burpees, sit ups, press ups, and tricep dips. Perform six sprints with a different excersise after each. Rest for a minute or two. Repeat this process 5 times. Tack on a cheeky few laps round the park/pitch/camp before and after. Take loads of fluids on and cool down properly (ie, strech to avoid stiffness) Drink at least 2 litres of water daily also. If you're properly hydrated, you will be able to perform much better.

Pick a good incline and really beast it for 50 mins three or else four times a week. Go hard, and stick with it. Rest well, too. I'm a Prop Forward for a semi-pro club up North and a top-level university team, and I find such a programme helps greatly, as my general rugby training is more strength and endurance based.

If you're packing a bit of excess padding (the bane of many a prop!) try rowing machines or such high intensity workouts. I have a mate who swears by Boxcercise classes! These wont work in two weeks, but will help you given time.

Little things, such as walking more, laying off the booze/kebabs, or having a knockabout with the boys can all help, too.

I can't guarentee superman status within two weeks, but if you put in the dog work, are at a reasonable base level and really focus on the goal (whatever that is!) you might surprise yourself. Probaby all stuff you already know!

(Sorry for sounding like a Globo Gym Clone!)


Hey mate, good stuff, cheers! I went to a really good gym the other day in Chester, and I just wished there was a decent gym where I'm based, because I'd be there every day! I'd love to try out all these classes - boxercise and such, but there's nothing available near me, without driving for over half an hour! :(

Thanks again!
BMF are all over the place.

Run by the War God Harry


Cheers Brandy! I tried out Maccy Bear's hill reps idea earlier and have just been swimming and I'm knackered now! 8O :D
Has anyone here been to BMF? I've been having a look at the site and I'm thinking about it, seems to work out at an ok cost.
ok, blond moment, whats BMF?
Parry said:
Has anyone here been to BMF? I've been having a look at the site and I'm thinking about it, seems to work out at an ok cost.
Yeah, for about 6 weeks last summer in London - great fun. First session is a free trial anyway, so what have you got to lose? Oh, and my firend i Edinburgh enjoyed it too, but think she got a bit put off by winter weather...
Cool, I'll probably try it out then...never seem to be able to work out on my own boring as hell.
Parry I head to the London ones a couple of times a week. The classes are split into different levels of fitness so you end of being fully worked out to suit your own fitness! I think the value for money is good, such that you really don't need a gym membership as well. And since your outside your generally working a lot harder than being on a treadmill.

I thought Robin ran it?
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