Get breeding folks ( This is scary, if correct )

I am ready to answer the call. I am available for attracive women between 18 and forty who also wish to 'balance' the population.

Otherwise, be grateful that the Chinese will be on the non Muslim side.
rockpile said:
Otherwise, be grateful that the Chinese will be on the non Muslim side.
That's what I thought ........... Initially!

China hit a major benchmark this week when its population officially reached 1.3 billion people. It's a staggering figure, and yet demographers say China is actually a population-control success story. Just 30 years ago, Chinese families were having as many as five children. Now, the country's "one-child" policy has brought the birthrate so low that China's population is due within decades not only to peak, but to begin a decline.
Here's an atheist blogger that I enjoy, who looks at some of the stats in this video, as well as the spurious sourcing of one of the quotes to the German government.

And since I don't consider myself a Christian - definitely not in the way the fcuking Bible-bashing whackjobs back home that love this kind of scare would define one, anyway - then it ain't my problem anyway. :D

Besides, sterilizing us Latin types would probably be the second thing these people would do, after putting all the American Muslims in "resettlement camps."
If you really want to scare yourself sh1tless then suggest you read the various United Nations and OECD publications on World Demographic, Economic and Social Trends.

Do do have to be a genius to work out that there are most likely very bad times not that far away, to the extent that I feel very sorry for my own kids.

Might not go really bad in my lifetime, but will in theirs.
It labours under this mistaken belief that influence comes with numerical superiority. The efficiency of the conversion of numbers into influence is only high in cases where the democracy is highly representative.

This not being the case in the UK, it seems likely that we'd just have a darker shade of disenfranchised underclass.
Birth rates are not a reliable tool for predicting future populations. We live longer and have significantly lower mortality rates so we need to renew our national population at a lower rate. As we all know from our own governments budgets you can present any statistic in whatever way you want.