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Get an upgrade - wear a Fatsuit!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wooger, Jun 20, 2010.

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  1. Whilst I feel for the Guy, I do not think this is the way ahead!

    "Tam Fry, spokesman from the National Obesity Forum, said: "The overweight passenger should really be offered the next flight which has spare seats available, or be upgraded to a wider seat"

    Too Fat to Fly
  2. Can't see what his problem is. There's enough information doing the rounds about fat people and airlines. It's not like it would have really came a a surprise to him. Maybe now having been publicly humiliated, he may very well reconsider his health and the comfort of other passengers. Fat c*nt.
  3. No, Tam, the overweight passenger should be offered the choice of paying for the extra seat he was taking up, or he should be refused the flight, with a partial refund. He should not get anything for free.

    At 30+ stone, how thick must you be to think that you won't need to phone the airline company in advance, warning them that you are too corpulent to be seated without overflowing into another passengers personal space.

    There are very few cases of obesity that genuinely are not the individuals fault, and it boils my piss when they want to be treated like a victim.
  4. Imagine if he had been female. Tears, tantrums and a serious uproar would ensue.
  5. They should ship the bloated, greedy cnut as air freight rather than making normal people have to look at him.
  6. Mr Russell, from Wolverhampton, said he is angry that the airline did not explain to him before he boarded that his size could be a problem.

    Probably the same when you buy a unicycle?

    How can a big fat 32 stone knacker think he can fit in a chair on a plane?
    On a trip to the States I saw a guy have to get off an internal flight because in the desrt heat he was given a seat next to Mr Creasote muching his wafer thin mints. the guy went ballistic as not only did fatso smell like Bangkok in the rain his starboard ass cheek filled the other seat ! The thin guy refused to fly as the fatman was using his seat.
  7. exactly.

    it said he was taking up a third of the woman next to him's seat.

    plane seats are hardly roomy anyway, losing half of it to a fat fack next to you hardly helps.

    If I was told to fly TRANSATLANTIC (like, yes, 8-10 hours) with half my seat lost to a fat fcuker, I would promptly tell the airline to 4cough, and either get him off or move me to a seat where I could get it all to myself.
  8. Not to mention the concealed pies and sausage rolls dropping from her armpits as she shook her arms with rage, bags of crisps falling out of her pockets, the sploggy sound as the Black Forest Gateau she was hiding in the gusset of her incontinence pants fell to the floor.

    Fat people...get the train. At least there's a buffet car!
  9. He wasn't RLC was he?
  10. Don't know why he wanted to see of his dying Auntie - he'll be seeing her again soon enough.

  11. Doubt it. He'd need to put on at least another 5 Stone !!!!
  12. why has he got his trainers on back to front?
  13. I seem to recall that what a number of airlines in the US do is charge fat fcuks for an extra seat to accommodate the 1.5 million take away meals they did not need to eat, then refund them IF they would not have sold that seat as a matter of course. So it's not exactly a free seat or upgrade merely due to the fact that certain people cannot or WILL not control their calorific intake.
  14. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    They've a society and forums
    Do they have pie of the month and black makes you look just overweight fashion tips

    Makes you almost want to punch a window out to see if he'll go threw it when the fat fukc gets up from his seat