Get along little doggie

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cat_Funt, Sep 30, 2006.

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  1. The wifes dog was Euthanaised today , he was old and senile, incontinent and frail .

    I only hope if I get in the state he was in some one will do the same for me.

    And hopefully I get the same aneasthetic induced swelling as he did , and someone takes care of it before I drop off the twig.

    I nearly asked the vet for a quick shot of the green dream as it appeared to work better than purple pills.

    At least the dog died with a smile on his face.

    any other tales of dying dog hi jinks?

    Was it wrong to notice?
  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    He is just thinking about getting to heaven and asking for his quota of 72 virgins. :cuddle:
  3. That's yer choice, eh?
    Young, fit, continent and impotent versus old, senile, incontinent, frail, dying and erect?
    Life's a b1tch.....
  4. I was thinking more like this:
    Young (ish)
    Fit(feck off I am an Aussie Crab)
    Continent (apart from the odd map of Africa)
    Erect ( no such thing as a bad erection)

    touched a nerve did I ?
  5. ??????????? I don't understand. I'm a sheila. Nah, I'm relieved that you seem in better condition than I initially feared, mate.
  6. I was wondering if a canine in your care had recently popped his clogs by assisted means and you were being a little defensive. Honestly if I am in the state that poor dog was in at his age I want to be injected with the good stuff too.

    Theres still no such thing as a wasted erection.

  7. ........unless you're senile and pop your clogs without having had the chance to utilise it! 8O
  8. Well, thank you, kind sir, for your consideration. And please accept my apologies for for my rudeness in not commiserating with you sooner on your loss. This is the NAAFI bar and I'm well aware that I'm usually unwelcome here, so was avoiding sentiment.

    As you mention it, I did have to have my little mutt euthanaised last March, but, like you, I had no doubts, in view of the state of him. I had stayed while the deed was done with a previous dog and couldn't do it again.
    ....... but no raw nerves.
  9. If it was a male, did it get a stonker on as it rolled a 7 ?
  10. Rolled a 7? Whazzat! On a dice? Dead?
    An honest answer would be even feckin duller than my last post!
    Why's this thread not in the arrsehole? And guru, your need to get out more might be greater than mine. 8O
    ...... Yeah ...... it knocked the vet out!
  11. guru is only asking because the last time he had an erection he got so excited that whilst dialling the local tart in a taxi number (number 1 on his speed dial) he cocked up and dialled the Indian, you can imagine his disappointment when a "fat fishy dirty big one" turned up?