Get a [ Second ] Life!!

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Rocketeer, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. May be my thick fingers but link is pants :(
  2. oops...not your thick fingers... mine... try now..
  3. :D Im sure he is hacked off (excuse the pun) the SexGen business on SL is massive, the majority of pose loaded furniture is usually by SexGen.

    Its EXPENSIVE kit as far as SL goes, if I remember correctly one or two of the ARRSE lot have SexGen equipment and can confirm (bet they dont admit it now) linden dollar wise its not cheap - think the beds start at 12,000l or something ridiculous like that so I can quite understand the bloke being more than a little hacked off someone is 'stealing' his scripts and using them in other stuff and selling them at, I would imagine a quarter of his prices!

    And yes 'fake sex' is BIG on SL a massive portion of the Islands on SL are dedicated to just that - what ever floats your boat.

    <<<<still traumatised from landing on the Island that contains a farm with 'interesting' animations (none of which I tried I might add)
  4. You liar. I heard you took a stallion, right up to his back wheels, in your bot while fellating a giraffe.

    Then you did some really sick stuff.