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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by meshellxxx, May 26, 2009.

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  1. Nice topic going on. Sharpshooter forget the travellodge im coming to your house for dinner!
  2. if you want love you can just pm me your contact details and i wont let u down :)
  3. Haha im yet to find a man that can cook! No beans on toast doesn't count ;)
  4. how come you get to have meshell for dinner and i dont :O cmon sharpshooter get sharing lmao :D
  5. na nice spag bowl or steak with garlic mushroom cream sauce with bit salad and some chips or night on town getting lashed followed by kebab of ur choice the nice go of jumoing on the bed later that nite :)

  6. coz i can cook
  7. You do realise this thread will get locked anytime soon.....?
  8. SOLD!!!
  9. na its a sticky so they wont lock it they will delete our convos well if u wana pm me you can meesh but its up to you be4 it gets deleted
  10. Sorry i dont do the running after men.
  11. haha i think meshell wheres the trousers in her relationshipss :D
  12. yea i reacon so aswell lol na shes sounds a good girl seems like shes got the sense of humor to fit into the army aswell specially it being very male dominated aswell meshell what cap badge you going for ??
  13. ano she sounds like shes one a those girls that fits in with the lads and the ladies :D
  14. yea i no sounds like shes got a great crack

    oh i mean sounds like shes a great crack
  15. Now now lads keep it clean!!! tut tut shame on you :p