Get a life!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by banjotrooper, Apr 13, 2006.

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  1. Look guys and gals, I work for a corporate company, driving military vehicles and stuff. Before I can put the kettle on, I am verbally assaulted, by this other guy, who is also doing the same job. He then tells me he is in the Yeomanry and has written books on all of our vehicles, states that he Chally 2 trained and even his wife is Chieftain trained! He then spools off one of the 43's tracks before we even start! What is going on? 8O
  2. You KNOW when you've been Waltered!
  3. sure it's not these he writes :wink:
  4. The point is this! Other ex regular guys here are get on with it and are very capable and dont brag! This guy, who sounds like some of you lot, has been there, got the t shirt etc and is a pain in the arse! Look, if you want to be a walt and cant do it for real, the TA will always attract the walts! The TA is full of em, as some of your posts confirm!
  5. Which posts ?

    ( I am writing this from my bunker )
  6. Anything concerning the HAC :lol:
  7. hahahahahahahaha ohhh handbags, tell him fcuk off,then get on with your job :D I'd agree with your title m8, get a life :wink:
  8. If you want to see a walt, look in the mirror, you drive trucks FFS

    msr, can we have this thread sent to arrsehole?
  9. YYYYYYOOOOOOOO HHHHHOOOOO TROPPER? i found your other aarse account
  10. Self immolation seems indicated.