Get a Life you boring PRONGS

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by S.V. Bootee, Sep 10, 2004.

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  1. ex Bootneck talking here Peeps.

    You have tried and you have failed. I am an ex C/Sgt RM. Served in NI, Down South, The Radfan, Honkers, S/America, For Gawrds sake even in the good ole USA! Just get a fucking life you tossers!

    It's called SF! Now fark off!

    One for the Tart. (lean foward and just hope that the cyber dicks will say OK) We now have Gronk are up there with all the "Double Baggers" White sheets and your tits nearly hanging out........................Nay wukking furries!

    Bye now!............S.V.Bootee get a farking life all off you
  2. Shouldn't you be posting on the 'Maureens' forum then?
  3. i dont care if you are the commandant general, and who cares where you served. you are not SF you are just a marine and if you were that good why weren't you an RSM, plenty of C\Sgts
  4. Life needed !
  5. SF meaning Sad Fùck....
  6. Just where the feck is 'Nambia' anyway?
  7. Near Pambia. Nambia Pambia - where gay men live.
  8. Have to find it first..... 8) :lol: tricky that....
  9. Bootneck ,looks like you had some real cushy postings,hongkong,belize,USofA whos arsse were you kissing :twisted:
    As for the emerald isle its been prety quiet over here for the last 12 years
    and what were you doing down south counting penguins,or trying to impress the bennys with your war stories ,and as the man said we dont care if you were the commander in chief ,your an ex maureen so that makes you a plain Mr ,like the rest of the herd, unless you wear your ex rank on the nice red coat when you open car doors for the punters outside those posh hotels?

    by the way SF over here now means SINN FEIN 8O
  10. I missed the bit where he made a point??

  11. I want to know what a PRONG is.
  12. Do one you civvy skiplicker.
  13. So do I.
  14. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Do three PRONGs make a fork?