get a job or be homeless

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by brighton hippy, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. New housing ministers plan for new tenants of social housing to sign contracts
    to get a job or lose house. wants to install a something for something culture :roll:

    just a few points. The able bodied employable types access to social housing
    anywhere thats not an unemployment blackspot is pretty limited.
    so your left with those too sick to work or there bringing children up those last two groups don't sign on so don't have a duty to look for work.
    Other wise if your on JSA you do have a duty to look for work already :twisted:

    So basically her solution is already covered its a good headline for the daily mail but complete rubbish as a plan.
    how about build some more social housing so poor people who are not complete mongs might have a chance to get secure affordable accomodation
  2. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    As you say, already covered. However it's not a DM headline grabber it has been realised by Liebur.
  3. Seems the new Housing Minister is out to target unemployed tenants,wonde how far she will go?

    Want a council house? Get a job, says Flint.
    'People living in social housing and on council estates should be working or actively seeking employment as a condition of their tenancy' Caroline Flint, the new housing minister, has said.
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  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I've got a better idea. Keep council houses for the unemployed/disabled, and tell those with jobs to rent or buy.
  5. Sounds great but we all know it wont work because there are too many vermin who are used to living on handouts and love it. Nothing against those who really are trying (all 23 or so of them), but if I wanted a job anywhere in the uk id have one in less than 72 hours (ok it probably wouldnt be a good one but it would be a start).
  6. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Dozy woman - allegedly is a condition of them getting their benefit so a headline grabber about something already (allegedly) happening.
  7. Fair one.

    Scrap the word "unemployed" and replace with "state employed". Instead of dole they get "wages" (roughly equivalent to Dole) for every hour they spend (some 20 hours a week) picking up litter and cleaning grafiti. They can then opt for overtime (unpaid) or edumacation for a further 20 hours a week.

    In total a requirement of, say, 6 hours a day (Mon to Sat) of work or self betterment. That would fit in with school times too, so they could look after the kids, if any. Those with kids get paid slightly more to look after them (a completely parrelel system).

    If they don't turn up they don't get paid. Unless they have a doctors note, or written permission by their line manager (gang boss) to attend a job interview or similar.

    Remove most of the cash part of the payment. They can have some sort of ration card/voucher system where clothes (inc school uniform( is bought without their handling of the cash. Likewise gas and electric. If they don't spend their entire ration of electric and gas, they get the money back. Food also bought in the same way, but without cash back.

    Some cash provided for the finer things in life, such as a meal out, or a few pints, or saving for a holiday of somesort.

    Take it back to a safety net, not a lifestyle.

    The disabilities side of it needs a different approach.
  8. The way to get people back into work is to provide incentives for them to do so, and that's not happening with the system at present. The trouble is that if you do find and take a job, you can find yourself substantially worse off when you lose your benefits.

    There are a lot of scroungers about, but I'm sure there are a lot of people currently on benefits who would be glad to work given the chance.
  9. Exactly, the benefits system has become a lifestyle choice.

    It should be handing out alot less, so the incentive isn't "I'll wait on the dole until something i want comes along", but instead "the dole is sh1t, any job is better than this".
  10. Choclate Frog, after the Glorious Revolution, I, with the power vested in me as Minister for State Security :twisted: will apoint you as Housing Minister.

    The present incumbent will, by that time, be enjoying her "retirement" :twisted:
  11. Chocolate Frog, I see where you are going with the idea of vouchers and a minimum of cash, but this too would be abused. It is not uncommon around here to see chavettes using Milk Tokens to buy fags and booze, with the collusion of certains "corner shops". Sadly if there is a buck to be made, people will make it.
  12. I'll take taht as a promise Werewolf :p

    Only selected Corner Shops and similar would be used. Regular attempts would be made to purchase non food items from the shop. A substantial cash bonus would be made to the shop to get them on side, which would be removed should they fail to follow procedures, as they would be banned from the system.

    The shop would need the details from the card and enclose a receipt for reimbursement by the local dole office. The "state employee" receives nil money.

    The cash part of the handout could be used for what ever they want.

    A motor vehicle would receive vouchers for fuel (mileage could be checked on MOT or by snap inspection). The gas and electric meter would be read, and paid for centrally. The excess paid for by the "state employee" or the under pay given to the "State Employee" as cash.
  13. I find this somewhat ironic, as a WP on 100% I still have to pay full rent and council tax, last April I was seen by an OT who said I needed a stair lift and shower, the lift I got in in August, the shower I still wait for.

    While a woman four doors down, not worked a day in her life, has just recived a £15,000 grant for work for her aledged disabilities and they pay NO rent or council tax.

    In short SH1T on twice in my life!
  14. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

  15. Look at the past ten years and the creation of a super welfare state in UK and then tell me you really believe what this woman is proposing.

    Labour are totally reliant on the votes of the welfare class not the votes of the working class. By definition working class want to improve themselves - Labour don't give a t*ss about them.

    How could this system work? Can you see the un-married mums and their offspring being forcebly removed from their council house. It would need endless court actions, judicial reviews and hearings followed by bad PR. My only conclusion is that the Labour Party might bring it in so that whoever succeeds them has to repeal the legislation or take the flack.