Get a grip, Kirkcaldy...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by smartascarrots, Dec 3, 2007.

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  1. Cos they don't want some skank of a MP called Maxine :twisted:

    There again, might be fun for the Scots to go all "Sylvania Waters"
  2. Can I just point out that the output of an L96 would be cheaper.
  3. Skank - since when were we as choosy as that?

    Now you know I would, You would etc.

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  4. Whats this got to do with Kirkcaldy?

    What a place that is.
  5. Well, that's you off the ARRSE pub quiz team.

    Our esteemed Prime Minister moonlights as MP for Kirkcaldy.
  6. No he does'nt. He is MP for Dunfermline. He comes from Kirkaldy.
  7. It really shows how politically aware the Australian voters are. I believe the new member for bennelong and the new cabinet member is new to politics having until quite recently been a face on the TV fronting news programmes. I read about hyer last year while in Australia and there was no mention of her ever having been active in politics or even being a long standing member of the ALP. Once more it looks like all show and no substance.
  8. NO he doesn't he was born in Glasgow
  9. He's definitely not MP for Dunfermline-although I think his constituency is called 'Dunfermline East'. Man_In_Blue's non term time ancestral home (actually has Dunfermline in the constituency) has the deep joy of a bleedin' Lib Dem MP-although most of the people who voted for him were more pissed off with Nue Arbeit than pro Liberal Democrat.
  10. Unfair tactics though :D

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  11. I stand corrected. He used to be Dunfermline East but this disappeared before the last election and he is MP for Kirkaldy and Cowdenbeath. I'm a little out of date with the new constituancies although I have a vote in another of the Fife constituancies. My postal vote did not arrive until 2 weeks after the Holyrood elections in the spring - I'm sure this was a "neu-arbeit macht frei" plot to disenfranchise all arrsers. Afterall Douglas Alexander (Wendy's little brother) was in charge of the planning of the shambles that passed for an election in Scotland last time. I wonder what he is doing now? Oh yes he's in the Cabinet and a key supporter of GB the Kirkaldy Kid.